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Demon Shogi In Disgaea 7: Classes And Modes

Disgaea 7, the latest Disgaea game series, comes with various types of new adventures and mini-games like Demon Shogi.

You can access the Demon Shogi only after completing episode 5 of the game using the sightseeing option from Netherworld.

Demon Shogi in Disgaea 7 requires the players to complete various types of classes with the provided characters. Some of the classes are Prinny class, Demon class, etc.

Continue reading more about the Disgaea 7 Demon Shogi.

What Is Demon Shogi In Disgaea 7?

Demon Shogi is a mini-game in Disgaea 7 where you have to complete different puzzles in the form of classes.

There are two modes through which you can play the Demon Shogi: Normal mode and Carnage mode.

Demon Shogi
Demon Shogi in Netherworld Sightseeing

Moreover, both modes have different missions(classes), which you have to complete using the game’s Artificial Intelligence called Demonic Intelligence.

Similarly, you have to win these missions using as lesser turns as possible to win more prizes and weapons.

What Is Demonic Intelligence?

Demonic Intelligence is the Artificial Intelligence of Disgaea 7, which is used to create moves for completing missions in Shogi.

Therefore, you can create various types of attacks and actions using D.I. with each of the characters available in different classes.

Moreover, based on the order lists, you can input your characters’ actions in detail in the settings screen.

Demonic Intelligence
Choosing the actions to perform for your character.

Similarly, the order list includes a pre-defined set of prompts as Demonic Intelligence which you can customize as per your need.

For example: Performing the “Use a healing Special” action for a healer character called Kimberly.

What Are The Classes Of Demon Shogi?

Classes in the Demon Shogi mini-puzzle are the missions that players have to complete in order to win the game.

Moreover, there are 5 classes in both modes of the game which are as follows:

  1. Prinny Class
  2. Demon Class
  3. Demon Lord Class
  4. Overlord Class
  5. Super Overlord Class

Similarly, the difficulty of these classes increases gradually when a player proceeds from lower(Prinny) to higher(Super Overlord) classes.

Shogi Classes
Classes of Demon Shogi

Players need to carefully plan how to use the Demonic Intelligence(D.I) in each class to win more efficiently.

Modes Of Demon Shogi in Disgaea 7

You can play Demon Shogi through two modes, both of which must be completed to win the game.

However, both of these modes require different tactics and demonic intelligence in order to complete the five classes.

Moreover, players can enter the game from the game map where Dimension Guide(Normal Mode) and Carnage Guide options are available.

Similarly, you can access both of the modes using the following steps:

  1. You need to complete episode 5 of the Disgaea 7.
  2. From there, you have to select the Netherworld sightseeing option.
  3. In Netherworld, you will find the NPC for the demon shogi.
  4. You can enter the game by selecting that option.

The following is the description of both modes and the levels(classes) used in them:

1. Normal Mode

In normal mode, each class has its own specific characters to play with and different demonic intelligence for those characters.

The table below shows different classes along with the characters involved and the demonic intelligence used by them.

Classes CharactersDemonic Intelligence
Prinny ClassNormal Warrior(Blaine)
Female warrior(Tess)
Enemy Forces, Lift, Throw, etc
Demon ClassArcher(Lionel) Selecting Panel(18,17), Move toward target, Use Zielregen, etc.
Demon Lord ClassCorpse(Samuel), Ghoul(Ugly Goose), Zombie(Roland)Slumber Cat, Orc, Shroom, Use Mega Fire, etc.
Overlord ClassPsychic(Lucky), Valkyrie(Ida), Valkyrie(Celine)Geo Symbol, Lift, Reset Target, Throw, Target Enemy Forces, Use Secret Slash, etc.
Super Overlord ClassTroy, Scarlet, Manny, Slammajamma, MeredithTarget Dragon, Lift, Reset Target, Throw, Use Death Wish, Use Slumber, Female Armor Knight, etc.

Moreover, Normal Mode is comparatively easier to complete than Carnage Mode, as fewer enemies exist in each of the classes.

Finally, players can play the Carnage Mode after completing all five classes of the Normal Mode.

2. Carnage Mode

Carnage Mode can be entered through the Netherworld sightseeing option in the Disgaea 7 game map.

The following table shows the characters and their demonic intelligence in various classes of the Carnage Mode:

ClassesCharactersDemonic Intelligence
Prinny ClassKane, Meaghan, BrantAlly Forces, Lift, Reset Target, Prinny, Enemy Forces, Throw, etc.
Demon ClassPete, Noodle Shop Guy, Bob, RichardLift, Throw, Move toward target, Reset target, etc.
Demon Lord ClassEva, ElleanaSelect Panel(13,17), Move toward target, Defend, Reset target, Use strong tackle, etc.
Overlord ClassLoli, Amy, Chizuru, Sandi, YukiFlora Beast, Use Big Bang, Move toward target, Reset Target, Enemy Forces, etc.
Super Overlord ClassMelanie, Neve, Mariah, Elvira, CheetahUse Triple Flurry, Reset Target, Enemy Forces, Use Big Bang, Jumbify Direction Z-, Normal Attack, etc.

Carnage Mode is comparatively more difficult than Normal Mode as the number of enemies is much more.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Demon Shogi is a fun puzzle game yet completing the levels(classes) in both modes can be very challenging.

However, players can clear all the classes in one go if they use the Demonic Intelligence of their characters in proper ways.

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