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Discover Severed Wendigo Paw In WoW SOD

World of Warcraft: Season Of Discovery has introduced several items, and one of them is the Severed Wendigo Paw.

It is used to unlock the Rune of Devastate, a warrior rune that enhances your character’s gameplay.

Severed Wendigo Paw is an item in WoW Classic that provides the Monster Hunter Third Rune Fragment to the player after supplying it to Junni Steelpass.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Severed Wendigo Paw in WoW SoD.

Severed Wendigo Paw In WoW 

In WoW Classic: Season of Discovery (SOD), the Severed Wendigo Paw is added to the patch

Severed Wendigo Paw in Wow classic provides Monster Hunter Third Rune Fragment after trading it to the Junni Steelpass.

Furthermore, it is an item that helps you to complete the Rune of Devastate.

Served Wendigo Paw in SoD
Severed Wendigo Paw in SoD is useful to complete a warrior rune.

Moreover, it is a level 1 unique item that players will find in the Dward and Gnome locations in Wow.

Furthermore, find Junni Steelpass in Kharanos, Dun Morogh after completing the Monster Hunter quest for Wendigo Paw.

Hence, Dun Morogh is the snowy starter zone for Dwarf and Gnome in central Eastern Kingdoms.

Hence, this WoW  Classic item is looted from two NPCs and they are listed below.

1. Young Wendigo

Young Wendigo is level 5 and 6 NPC, which can be found in Dun Morogh.

This item is added to patch in WoW where Young Wendigo drops Severed Wendigo Paw.

2. Wendigo

Wendigo is a cave-dwelling humanoid that prefers to remain hidden when travelers pass close to their territory. 

Thus, Wendigo often ranges in levels from 5-7 and is found in the mountains of Dun Morogh.

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Unlocking Rune Of Devastate In WoW

In WoW, Rune of Devastate is a special power for Warrior gloves.

Moreover, this shines when facing strong enemies and increases the damage by 10% if you’ve used Sunder Armor before.

Additionally, once you have the Devastate Rune, your warrior will be even more daunting in WoW Classic.

Devastate Rune SoD
Devastate Rune in SoD provides a notable advantage.

Thus, players need to complete certain quests to feel the power of Devastate Rune.

Here is the list of locations where Devastate Rune exists:

1. Dwarf And Gnome Location

You must gather Troll Head, Pristine Trogg Heart, and Severed Wendigo Paw.

Also, find Junni Steelpass in Kharanos, Dun Morogh after completing the Monster Hunter quest for Wendigo Paw.

2. Night Elf Location

Here, players gather Severed Tiger Heads, Severed Owl Heads, and Severed Spider Heads And then go to Delwynna in Darnassus.

After gathering the heads, you need to turn the heads to Delwynna.

3. Human Location

In this location, players must collect the Severed Kobold and Severed Murloc Head and complete Monster Hunter quests.

Moreover, after completing the quest visit Viktoria Woods in Stormwind.

4. Orc And Troll Location

Razor Hill is where players encounter Vahi Bone Splitter, the NPC initiating the quest for the Devastate Rune.

Moreover, you need to complete the Monster Hunter kill quest in Razor Hill to receive the rune.

The Bottom Line

In WoW Classic: Season of Discovery, the Severed Wendigo Paw is a powerful item to unlock Devastate Rune for warrior Gloves.

To get this item, find Junni Steelpass in Kharano and obtain Monster Hunter Third Rune Fragment.

Moreover, you can get it in Dwarf and Gnome locations in the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery.

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