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Do Skeleton Horses Despawn In Minecraft?

Skeleton horses are very uncommon creatures in Minecraft that appear in unusual situations.

A lightning strike during a thunderstorm can spawn them, however, most players have never encountered them.

As a result, skeleton horses are one of the game’s most sought-after trophies.

A skeleton horse will automatically despawn after 15 minutes if not triggered. Mounting the horse or killing the skeleton rider triggers a skeleton horse, which will despawn after 18000 ticks (about 15 minutes), even if it has been triggered.

This article will guide you about skeleton horses, how to get them, and whether they despawn.

What Are Skeleton Horses?

In the game Minecraft, skeleton horses are a type of undead horse that occasionally arises after a lightning strike.

This skeleton horse is a robust mount that you can use for transportation or combat.

Thus, it is one of the game’s fastest means of transportation that composes bones.

Skeleton Horse Minecraft
Skeleton Horse is an undead variant in Minecraft.

Moreover, they are a rare mob in Minecraft that only thunderstorms can spawn.

They are also faster and more robust than regular horses and can breathe underwater.

In the Thaumic Horizons mod, a unique infusion can spawn a skeleton horse with even more speed and health.

What Are Skeleton Horsemen?

Lightning striking a horse during a thunderstorm spawns a rare hostile mob called skeleton horse riders in Minecraft.

Skeleton horsemen riding skeleton horse
You can ride and play with skeleton horses using skeleton horsemen.

Moreover, the type of skeleton horseman spawns will depend on the difficulty setting.

  • On easy difficulty, a standard skeleton will spawn
  • On normal difficulty, a stray zombie will spawn
  • On hard difficulty, a wither skeleton will spawn

A skeleton horseman spawns three additional skeletal horse riders when it appears.

By default, each skeleton rider will appear with an enchanted iron helmet and bow.

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How To Spawn And Tame Skeleton Horses?

Skeleton horses can only be spawned by a skeleton trap horse,  a rare mob that can be spawned during a thunderstorm.

The chance of a skeleton trap horse spawning is 0.75-1.5% on easy difficulty, 1.5-4% on normal difficulty, and 2.25-6.75% on hard difficulty.

Since only natural thunderstorms can spawn skeleton-trap horses, it is challenging to obtain them intentionally.

One way to do this is to use the weather thunder cheat code to start a thunderstorm.

Another way is to find a horse or farm in a thunderstorm and hope lightning strikes it.

However, the best way to get a skeleton horse is to use the summon skeleton_horse cheat code.

This will spawn a skeleton horse instantly, regardless of the weather or difficulty setting.

Skeleton horses are peaceful mobs that will not attack players. However, the skeletons riding the horses will attack players with their bows.

To tame a skeleton horse, players must kill the skeleton riding it.

Repeatedly mounting and dismounting the horse can tame it after the skeleton dies. 

Moreover, you can ride Skeleton horses once you tame them, but they require a horse saddle.

Do Skeleton Horses Despawn?

Skeleton horses can despawn in Minecraft under certain conditions. They do not despawn unless they are part of an untriggered skeleton trap. 

If they are not triggered within 15 minutes, skeleton horses despawn.

When a player mounts a skeleton horse or the skeleton rider is killed, it is said to have been triggered.

It will not despawn if it is activated. You can mount it or kill the skeleton rider to stop it from despawning.

Providing a name and a name tag can keep it from vanishing. However, passive mobs do not respond to name tags in quiet mode.

Additionally, skeleton horses may despawn if they are too far away from a player and the distance is unknown.

However, it is considered somewhere in the neighborhood of 32 blocks. If another mob or the environment kills a skeleton horse, it may despawn.

However, the chances of this happening could be much lower.

The Bottom Line

Skeleton horses may despawn due to various phenomena that occur in the game.

Remembering that name tags do not function on peacefully behaving passive mobs is crucial.

As a result, even if they have names, skeletal horses will despawn in a peaceful state.

Moreover, you can spend time in thunderstorms to improve your chances of discovering and maintaining a skeleton horse.

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