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A Comprehensive Guide To The Steady Signal Mission In Tarkov

Search missions are very common in Escape from Tarkov and the Steady Signal mission follows the same blueprint.

However, completing this quest is very hard as players must find specific structures during the PvP match.

In Escape from Tarkov’s Steady Signal quest, players must mark 5 weather stations scattered around the woods with an MS2000 marker. However, each weather stations are scattered around the map and far from each other.

Continue reading this article to learn the locations of each weather station to complete the Steady Signal mission in Tarkov.

What Is Steady Signal Mission In Tarkov?

In Escape from Tarkov, the quests are assigned by various in-game personalities like the TherapistLightkeeper, etc.

Similarly, the Steady Signal mission is assigned by the Mechanic once players reach the mission criteria.

According to the mission objectives, players must find 5 weather stations scattered around the woods.

Additionally, they must mark each weather station with an MS2000 marker after getting it from Praptor.

The cost of one MS200 marker is 15177, meaning that players must at least have 76000 with them.

Finally, they must mark 5 weather stations which are small structures with tilts and stairs.

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Location Of All Weather Stations In Steady Signal

Here is a location guide of all five weather stations in Steady Signal Mission in Escape from Tarkov:

1. UN Roadblock 

The first location of the weather station is outside of the UN Roadblock on the map.

Specifically, players must track the orange truck and walk toward its bunker.

UN Roadblock(Steady Signal 1 of 5)
1st weather station near UN Roadblocks.

Then, they must turn right and follow the big rock in the snowy woods.

Finally, players can locate the first weather station behind one of the rocks in the woods.

2. Mountain Stash

The 2nd weather station is located in the middle area of the map called the Mountain Stash.

In fact, players must go to this area and stay near the old sawmill to start the search.

2nd weather station in Tarkov
2nd weather station in Tarkov Steady Sinal mission.

Then, they must turn left and continue the ascend until they reach the top of the hill.

Finally, the weather station is located behind one of the giant rocks at the top.

3. Abandoned Village

Players should head to the Abandoned Village to track down the third weather station.

To start the search, players must track the small pond in the area with the broken house.

Abandoned village weather station in Tarkov
Weather station of Abandoned Village in Tarkov.

Then, they must go around the pond until they find a singular wooden fence.

Finally, players can find the 3rd weather station after following this path for a while.

4. Border Of USEC Camps

To find the 4th weather station, players must find a broken convoy near the USEC Camps.

Then, players must find the small water body opposite the convoy to locate a boulder.

4th weather station in USEC camps in Tarkov
4th weather station near USEC camps in Tarkov.

Players must go above this boulder and continue the same path till they see another small boulder.

Finally, players can locate a weather station after continuing the woods in the boulder’s direction.

5. The Outskirts

The 5th and last weather station is located between Outskirts and the Lake.

Hence, players must travel between these two locations to start the search.

5th weather station in Steady station mission
Last weather station in Steady station mission.

However, its location is quite tricky as it is at the border perimeter of the map.

Therefore, players must carefully look around until they find the last weather station.

The Bottom Line

The Steady Station is one of the most time-consuming missions in the game as it requires patience.

Players have to explore the five weather stations during the Steady Signal quest.

Nevertheless, we hope that the location guide in this article helps you to track down these stations.

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