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Double Date Disaster In Merge Mansion: Rewards And Items

The Double Date Disaster in Merge Mansion is an ongoing event where players can partake in various new events and rewards.

This is a season-specific event that is only active until February 5 to 16, 2024, and is gone forever.

In this event, the game introduces new event mechanics, shops, items, progress rewards, and many more.

Continue reading to learn about the Double Date Disaster Event in Merge Mansion.

Double Date Disaster Event In Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion is an interactive puzzle game where players must collect various items and decorations in the game.

Moreover, the game introduces seasonal events in it to introduce exclusivity into the game.

Players can partake in these events to receive event-themed items and rewards for a limited time.

Double date disaster merge mansion
The Double Date Disaster event on Merge Mansion.

Similarly, Merge Mansion has launched the Double Date Disaster event, which lasts till February 15th.

Players must partake in this event to gain Double Date Disaster Decorations for the Grand Drive.

However, they must learn about the event mechanics to keep up with the event features.

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Double Date Disaster Mechanics 

Players must learn about the blueprint of the event so that they do not get overwhelmed by it.

Here are some of the things that they must remember to plan better during the event:

  1. Players must be at least level 12 to access the Double Date Disaster Event in the game.
  2. Also, they must complete one event task in the game to unlock the event access (Event Garage).
  3. Once unlocked, players can access the event via the Door in their normal Garage.
    double date disaster event access
    Click the highlighted icon to directly access the Double Date Disaster event in Merge Mansion.
  4. Alternatively, they can also access it via the Event Button from the main Map Screen.
  5. As for rewards, the rewards accumulated from the progress bar will be awarded to the Event Garage.
  6. But the set Rewards for the Double Date Disaster Collection will be awarded to the Main Garage.

Free Rewards Of Double Date Disaster Event

Players can collect a variety of free rewards during the Double Date Disaster event.

However, they can only unlock these rewards after collecting enough Green Coins after completing tasks.

Here is a list of all the items that players can collect after leveling up each time during the event:

1-5100 Coins, 5 Gems, 3x Event Scissors, Energy(L3), Event Decoration 1
6-1030m Hourglass, 250 Coins, Unlimited Energy Level 1 5m (L1), Small Time Skip Booster(L1), Event Decoration 2
11-15Energy L4, 1h Hourglass, 350 Coins, Piggybank(L1), Event Decoration 3
16-205m Unlimited Energy(L1), 3x Event Scissors, Energy(L4), Piggy Bank(L1), Event Decoration 4
21-25500 Coins, Event Decoration 5, 5m Unlimited Energy(L1), 2h Hourglass, Event Decoration 6.
26-30Energy L4, 3h Hourglass, Event Decoration 7, Piggy Bank(L1), 3x Event Scissors
31-35 Event Decoration 8, 4h Hourglass, 3x Event Scissors, Event Decoration 9, Brown Chest(L1)
36-405m Unlimited Energy(L1), Event Decoration 10, Fancy Blue Chest(L1), 2x Ursula's Blue Card, Event Decoration 11

Premium Rewards Of Double Date Disaster

Besides the free rewards, players can collect some premium rewards from the Double Date Disaster Garage Shop.

However, they must spend some premium currency, which might require them to spend real-life money.

To access the shop, players must press the button on the lower right-hand side while in the Double Date Disaster Garage.

In the shop, 6 items are on display at all times and the items reset every 6 hours.

Finally, here are all the items that players can buy from this shop during the event:

  • Revamped Obstacle- 400 Coins.
  • Golf Tee and Ball- 600 Coins.
  • 7 Iron- 30 Gems.
  • Fridge- 30 gems.
  • Chef Knives- 29 Gems.
  • Prize Token– 49 gems.
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