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Explore Dr Jansen Glitch In MWZ

In MWZ, Dr. Jansen’s mission is the tier 6 mission that ends the Zombie Act 1.

However, Some players reported glitches after completing MWZ Dr Jansen’s mission.

In MWZ, Dr.Jansen Glitch can cause players to play the same mission even if they do not select it. Furthermore, players in the same session get into the Dr. Jansen mission Map whenever other players start the Dr. Jansen mission.

This article will discuss the details of Dr.Jensen’s Mission, its Glitch and ways to fix it.

Dr. Jansen’s Mission In MWZ

Dr. Jansen’s Mission is the final story mission that leads players to Zombie Act 2.

The player’s completion of objectives and Struggles leads them to this final stage.

Furthermore, Players must prepare strong loadouts to fight against the enormous horde of zombies while saving Dr. Jansen.

Here are the objectives players need to do in this mission;

  1. Enter the exclusive Zone and wait for a few minutes for exfil spots.
  2. Find the exfil star with the start on it to get Dr. Jansen’s coordinates.
  3. Players can call out the Helicopter to reach the exfil Star.
  4. Once the Helicopter arrives, players will be launched onto a new Map.
  5. Once players enter the map, they should visit the Communication tower to determine Dr. Jansen’s location. 
  6. It is located in the middle of the map.
  7. Interact with the communication tower.
  8. Head to pinpoint Dr. Jansen’s location. It is located at the north end of the map.
Dr. Jansen mission MWZ
A Map Showing the location of Dr. Jansen.
  1. Once players find Dr.Jansen, they must clear the area and escort Dr. Jansen to the helicopter pad.
  2. Players can find this task quite challenging since they must clear Zombies and Mercenaries.
  3. Players can use the Ammo Mod Circuit Board on the Deadbolt Turret to simplify the mission.
  4. Once the helicopter arrives, get on it to complete the mission.

Furthermore, you need to exterminate lots of Zombies and mercenaries.

Fouse on the Mercenaries cause they can eliminate you instantly if caught off-guard.

However, Some players are facing some Glitch after they complete this mission.

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What Is The Dr. Jansen Glitch In MWZ?

Some players report repeatedly being forced to replay the Dr. Jansen Mission due to a glitch.

Even though players are in Act 2, players are getting the exfil marker for Dr. Jansen in every session.

This issue instantly launches your squad into Dr. Jansen’s Mission whenever another squad does this mission.

Furthermore, this glitch was found in November 2023, and the game has not yet released any official fixes.

mwz dr jansen glitch
A player is showing frustration about the glitch in the Steam Community.

Therefore, players must avoid getting into the same Session as those who will play Dr. Jansen Mission.

Also, try to complete the mission as quickly as possible if the game throws you into the mission.

There is no information that players will get the same reward for completing the mission.

Nonetheless, players can try progressing to Act 2 or 3 or wait for the upcoming patch in the game.

The Bottom Line

The Dr. Jansen Glicth is an annoying and hectic glitch players can face in MWZ.

This glitch throws players into the Dr. Jansen Mission repeatedly, even though they complete it.

It annoys players and forces them to quit until the game resolves the glitch.

However, players have devised different methods to counter it, such as changing the session or completing the mission quickly.

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