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Detailed Guide To Press Start Quest In Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley has a lot of characters alongside their Friendship quests like Vanellope and her Press Start quest.

This multi-objective-themed quest asks players to perform various activities related to Vanellope.

In Dreamlight Valley, players must seek Vanellope’s secret hiding spot, show her some hobbies of the valley and complete four specific tasks to complete the Press Start quest.

Continue reading this article to learn how to complete the Press Start quest in Dreamlight Valley.

Press Start Quest In Dreamlight Valley

A plethora of missions in Dreamlight Valley makes the island environment very lively for players.

Additionally, most of the questline is tied to specific characters to make them stand out in the valley.

Press Start mission dreamlight valley vanellope
The description of the Press Start mission Dreamlight Valley.

Similarly, players must complete the Press Start mission to learn about the mischievous character Vanellope.

Here are all the main objectives of the Press Start quest in the game:

  • Go into Scrooge Mc’Duck’s store to let Vanellope hide.
  • Finish Your hangout with Vanellope.
  • Talk To Vanellope.
  • Show Vanellope some of Valley’s hobbies.

Each of these sub-quests takes place in a different location, making the quest quite challenging for players.

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How To Complete Press Start Quest In Dreamlight Valley?

Players must complete a series of sequential steps to complete this friendship quest. They are:

  1. To start the quest, players must enter the Scrooge Mc’Ducks Store to let Vanellope self-explore.
  2. Players are then asked to find the dark and dangerous hiding spot of Vanellope.
location of Vanellopes hiding spot
The location of the Vanellope’s secret hiding spot in the Press Start mission.
  1. They can ask the villagers(Nala, Mickey Mouse, Mirabel) of the valley to get a hint about Vanellope’s hiding spot.
  2. Vanelope is hiding inside the cave that is located at the end of the Sunlit Plateau River.
  3. Once inside, players must follow the trail of candies to locate Vanellope.
  4. Players must race Vanellope to the cave exit and interact with her again.
  5. Players will be asked to catch three fish in 3 minutes as the final sub-quest.

Additional Request And Rewards On Press Start Quest

Players will note that they still must show different island hobbies to Vanellope for the friendship quest.

Specifically, they must complete four specific tasks to mark the end of this mission. They are:

  • Mine any three gems.
  • Catch any five fish.
  • Plant any thirty crops.
  • Harvest any thirty crops or fruits.

These hobbies are very easy to complete as they are scattered around almost every part of the Valley.

Gaining friendship starts after press start dreamlight valley
Gaining friendship stars after completing the Press Start mission.

Upon completing these tasks, players will earn 700 friendship stars with Vannelope as a primary reward.

Moreover, they will also gain hundreds of experience points that can unlock unique tools in the game.

The Bottom Line

Vanellope’s friendship quest is one of the trickiest due to her mischievous nature in the game.

Therefore, players have difficulty completing this quest as it asks them to discover various locations.

Hopefully, this article will guide players to assist Vannelope in this mysterious valley. 

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