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Does Lethal Company Have No Monsters?

Do you feel like there are no monsters while playing Lethal Company?

Well, you’re not alone, as many players are complaining about monsters not spawning in the game.

Lethal Company has been gaining complaints about the game having no monster or low monster spawns. However, with different modifications such as MoreMonsters available in the market, players can solve their problems.

This article will describe the details of monsters and their spawning mechanism in Lethal Company.

Monsters In Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a survival horror video game where players must explore and survive.

Also, players must collect loot and abandoned moons as their primary objective in the game.

In addition, while fulfilling these objectives, players encounter creatures that are sometimes a threat to their survival.

So, these creatures are mostly, monsters that must be dealt with correctly for the players to survive.

Here is a categorization of the different types of monsters found in Lethal Company;

1. High Threat Monsters

The high-threat monsters are dangerous creatures with an approximate danger level of 70% to 90%.

Here are some of the high-threat monsters that you will encounter.

  1. Jester: The Jester is an unkillable monster that will chase the players.
  2. Thumper: Thumper is a powerful and aggressive monster with the advantage of speed.
  3. Bracken: Brackens are another aggressive monster that attacks the player if they stare at them.
  4. Coil-Head: Coil heads are dangerous and unpredictable monsters that will attack any player.
  5. Eyeless Dog: Eyeless Dogs are another type of high-threat monsters that are attracted to noise.
  6. Ghost Girl: Ghost Girl is a monster that only haunted players can encounter.

Hence,  you should beware of these creatures as encountering them might decrease your chances of surviving.

2. Medium Threat Monsters

Monsters with a danger level of around 2% to 75% are medium-threat monsters.

Furthermore, here are some of the medium-threat monsters you may encounter.

  1. Circuit Bee: Circuit Bees are monsters that will attack players if they step off them.
  2. Baboon Hawk: Baboon Hawk is a monster that only attacks if a player provokes them.
  3. Forest Keeper: If a player encounters the Forest Keeper, they will eat the player in whole.
  4. Snare Flea: Snare Flea is a medium-threat monster will a danger level of 30%.
  5. Bunker Spider: Bunker Spiders will attack a player if they touch the monster’s web.
  6. Earth Leviathan: Earth Leviathan is a monster that will attack anything within its reach.
  7. Hygrodere: Hygrodere is a monster that becomes bigger and splits into two if you attack them.

In addition, attacking them, hiding from them, or running are the possible strategies for the players.

3. Low Threat Monsters

Low-threat monsters are the type of monsters with an approximate danger level of 0% to 5%.

Additionally, here are the low-threat monsters of Lethal Company.

  1. Spore Lizard: Spore lizards are low-threat monsters that bite the player which causes minimal damage.
  2. Hoarding Bug: Hoarding bugs are harmless, dangerous monsters only if separated from their hives.

Moreover, killing these monsters can be your best bet when encountering them during the gameplay.

4. Harmless Monsters

Harmless monsters, as their name suggests, have no threat to the players whatsoever.

So, here are two of the harmless monsters in Lethal Company.

  1. Manticoil: Manticoil is a harmless monster that is not a threat whatsoever to a player.
  2. Roaming Locust: Roaming Locust is only present in the game for aesthetic reasons.

In addition, there is no need to attack or avoid them as they are harmless to any player in the game.

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Are Monsters Not Spawning In Lethal Company?

Although there are a variety of monsters present in the game, players express their low encounters with monsters.

One Reddit user explains that Lethal Company is not dangerous because of its monsters but for other reasons.

Lethal Company No monsters reddit
Community player discussing Lethal Company monsters not being scary.

Also, their players have taken to different discussion platforms to explain their dissatisfaction.

In addition, a player explains about the monsters in Lethal Company not spawning during assignments.

Lethal Company no monsters
A player about the Lethal Company monster not spawning.

If you feel the same way, you can add modifications to the game which are available on the internet.

Additionally, a mod named MoreMonsters is available, allowing a later to customize monster spawns.

MoreMonsters mods
The MoreMonsters mod that helps monsters spawn.

Furthermore, with the MoreMonsters mod, you can select how many of each monster spawn and how frequently it will spawn.

So, you can use these and other different mods to solve the monster not spawning problem in Lethal Company.

The Bottom Line

Lethal Company is a survival game where players have to survive the monsters and other creatures.

However, due to the monsters not spawning in the game, players are not satisfied with the game’s performance.

Many players have even gone far enough to say that the horror video game is not scary due to its monsters.

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