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Everything About The Fly Trap In Dreamlight Valley

In the dreamy world of Dreamlight Valley, players can collect several plants one of which is Fly Trap.

However, you will find two types of Fly Traps in Dreamlight Valley i.e., The Purple and Green Fly Trap.

In Dreamlight Valley, The Fly Trap can be found in the Grassland and the Promenade in the Wild Tangle. However, the varieties of Fry Trap are available and they are the Green Fly Trap and the Purple Fly Trap.

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What Is Fly Trap In Dreamlight Valley?

In Dreamlight Valley, the Fly Trap is a carnivorous flower that is used to get rid of bugs.

Hence, you can find the Fly Trap in The Grasslands and The Promenade areas in the Wild Tangle.

Dreamnlight Valley Green Fly Trap
The player finds the Fly Trap in The Grasslands and The Promenade in the Wild Tangle.

Periodically, players need to gather some essential stuff and work together with different characters.

They do so to complete the various tasks so that they can accomplish their goal.

Hence, the Fly Trap is one of the ingredients that you need to find for Rapunzel in the Wild Tangle Swarm quest.

Likewise, in the new Quest for Mickey Mouse, i.e., Flower Power, you will need to find the Fly Traps to help the Mickey.

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Locating The Fly Trap

In Dreamlight Valley, players will find a wide variety of plants which is essential to complete a certain quest.

Similarly, players must travel to the rich and mysterious garden of the Wild Tangle to locate the Fly Trap.

To access the Fly Trap, you need to look around the Grasslands in the Wild Tangle.

However, players can unlock The Grasslands as the first explorable area in Wild Tangle.

For that players need to fix the broken bridge at the end of The Hourglass in the Sands quest.

Reasons To Collect Fly Trap

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need to collect the Fly Trap to complete the different quests in the game.

During Mickey’s journey to the Eternity Isle, he will ask you to help you gather all the new flowers to give to Minnie.

Collecting for the Fry Trap in Dreamlight Valley
A player collecting the Fry Trap in Dreamlight Valley.

Similarly, during the Wild Tangle journey, you need to gather a Fly Trap to help the Rapunzel.

However, players need to look for the swarming insects in the Grove and they will encounter it near the Lagoon’s entrance.

You need to capture a picture of the Swarming Insects while collecting the Fly Trap.

Hence, after taking the picture you have to report it to Rapunzel and she will provide you with some essential tasks in return.

The Bottom Line

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can collect various elegant plants and flowers.

Hence, you must navigate through the Wild Tangle Biome to collect the specific Fly Trap.

Likewise, collecting the Fly Trap might be tricky for some players.

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