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How To Collect Needy Cats In Lethal Company?

Players have discovered a new mod in Lethal Company that helps players collect needy cats.

Needy cats add an exciting element to the game, making it more fun.

Players can locate Needy Cats in Lethal Company by carefully listening for their distinctive meows, visually identifying them based on unique patterns or colors, adjusting the spawn rate for more encounters, and ensuring regular petting to keep them content.

In this article, we will discuss what are needy cats and how to locate them in Lethal Company.

What Are Needy Cats In Lethal Company?

In Lethal Company, the Needy Cats mod introduces a delightful element to the game.

Moreover, it allows players to discover and interact with cats throughout the abandoned facilities.

The needy cats are feline companions who roam freely, emitting meows that can attract other creatures.

To ensure the cats remain content and don’t alert hostile entities, players must pet them regularly.

The mod offers a configurable spawn rate for cats, letting players customize the frequency of these furry encounters.

needy cats
You can find them roaming in abandoned areas.

Additionally, the host can modify a text file to personalize the pool of available cat names.

Moreover, needy Cats provide a charming and entertaining dimension to the solo gameplay experience.

It also encourages players to collect and care for these virtual friends.

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How To Locate Needy Cats In Lethal Company?

You will find needy cats roaming in abandoned facilities during your gameplay.

However, you must carefully follow some steps to locate them.

1. Listen For Meows

Needy Cats in Lethal Company make distinctive meows.

Therefore, pay attention to these sounds as they indicate the presence of cats nearby.

2. Identify Visually

Cats in the mod are visually identifiable, often featuring unique patterns or colors.

So, you have to keep an eye out for these adorable companions.

3. Use Spawn Rate

Adjust the spawn rate of cats using the mod settings in Lethal Company.

Higher spawn rates increase the likelihood of encountering more cats during your exploration.

4. Pet The Cats

Moreover, Needy Cats require regular petting to stay content.

Approach them and interact with the petting mechanic to keep them happy.

pet the cat
You must pet the cat to make them quiet.

Regularly petting cats is crucial, as their meows can attract other hostile creatures.

Ensure the cats stay content to avoid unwanted encounters.

Also, you can customize the pool of cat names by modifying a text file, allowing for a personalized touch to the feline companions you encounter.

Features Of The Needy Cats In Lethal Company

Here are some features of the needy cats you must know before collecting them:

1. Fear Of Horns

The Needy Cats in Lethal Company react negatively to horn sounds.

If they hear horns, they tend to run away, so be mindful of loud noises.

2. Individual Value

Each cat comes with a specific value, which may mean the age of the cat.

The actual meaning of the value is not yet exposed in the game.

3. Unique Names

Cats have individual names, adding a personal touch to each encounter.

The host can customize the cat names through a text file.

4. Carry Single Cat

You can only carry one cat at a time as you will get a “hands full” warning in the game.

So, you must think strategically if you encounter more than one cat to collect them all.

5. Vulnerable Creatures

Moreover, other creatures in the game can harm the cats.

Protect them from potential injuries by keeping them away from dangerous encounters.

Further, players can download the Needy Cats mod by Jordo to access this mod.

However, you will need the mod BepInExPack for the Needy Cats to function properly.

The Bottom Line

Needy Cats in Lethal Company brings a delightful touch to solo gameplay, where players can discover and interact with virtual cats.

Moreover, Needy Cats add a strategic layer to the game, creating a special connection between players and their virtual pets.

To locate these companions, listen for distinctive meows, and adjust spawn rates for more encounters.

Happy Gaming!

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