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Remnant 2 Barkskin Answers: Embrace The Quest

In Remnant 2, giving correct Barkskin answers is more than just a simple task.

Starting the Barkskin quest in Remnant 2 is a voyage of moral decision-making and self-discovery.

It all starts when you come upon Meidra, an enigmatic NPC, in Yaesha’s Forbidden Grove region. 

Meidra’s questions in the Barkskin quest delve deep into the players’ morals, values, and emotions. Players must answer truthfully and from their hearts as their choices shape the quest’s outcome.

This guide will walk you through Meidra’s thought-provoking questions and guide you to the best decisions to earn the rare Barkskin Trait.

What Is Barkskin Quest In Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, Barkskin’s quest is unlocked by encountering Meidra, veiled in mist, amidst a tremendous purple willow.

Moreover, she can peer into the hearts of those who approach her and reward those whose answer her questions.

When you find her, she introduces herself and presents you with a series of thought-provoking questions.

However, these inquiries are no ordinary chit-chat; they delve into moral dilemmas and test your character’s essence.

Finding The Location Of Barkskin Quest

  • Location of Meidra: In Remnant 2, Meidra can be found near a tree with purple leaves in the deepest parts of The Far Woods dungeon within the Yaesha region.
  • Navigating The Far Woods: Keep going deep into the forest until you reach The Dappled Glave checkpoint near the end of the dungeon.
location barkskin remnant 2
Location of Dappled Glave checkpoint.
  • Reloading for Consistency: If players make mistakes in their interaction with her, they can reload the game and try again from the last checkpoint to achieve the desired outcome.

Barkskin Questions And Answers List In Remnant 2

To get the Barkskin trait, you need to answer Meidra’s questions.

You must answer in a way that shows you are compassionate, generous, and value the greater good over your own interests.

meidra questions
Meidra asks questions to the players.

You will be given five important questions that delve into your morals, values, and emotions.

1. Do you spare the scion of your family foe or kill him to end the war?

  • Spare them – Barkskin (Doe)
  • Kill them – Bloodstream (Ravager)

2. Will you save your son or your granddaughter?

  • Save my granddaughter – Barkskin (Doe)
  • Save my son – Bloodstream (Ravager)

3. Do you take your vengeance or turn the scum over to the authorities from whom he already escaped?

  • Turn him in to the authorities – Barkskin (Doe)
  • Strike my siblings’ killer down – Bloodstream (Ravager)

4. Do you leave your eldest to the unknown or risk death in battle?

  • Leave your eldest – Barkskin (Doe)
  • Fight back against the clan – Bloodstream (Ravager)

5. Will you torture your hostage or let the crowd fend for itself in the fire?

  • Trust the crowd can fend for itself – Barkskin (Doe)
  • Break the son’s arm – Bloodstream (Ravager)

Barkskin Question Rewards

Once the correct Barkskin answers are given in Remnant 2, Meidra will grant players the Doe’s Eye.

It unlocks the Barkskin Trait and therefore provides valuable damage reduction, enhancing their survivability in the game.

The Bottom Line

In Remnant 2, the Barkskin quest is a morally challenging, introspective journey.

Additionally, it helps to determine your game path and honestly respond to Meidra’s inquiries.

To earn valuable rewards and advance your character, embrace the introspective quest.

Therefore, you should choose your answers carefully based on which trait suits your playstyle better.

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