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How To Obtain Dun Morogh Pig Meat In WoW?

Dun Morogh Pig meat is one of the items in World of Warcraft(WoW). 

Due to rarity, players are unable to find the Meat in the game’s early stages.

Dun Morogh Pig meat is a unique level 1 item players can obtain after defeating all kinds of Crag boars. Chill Breeze Valley and Iceflow Lake are the main hubs for the Meat.

Continue reading about the Dun Morogh Pig Meat and the process to obtain it in World of Warcraft.

What Is Dun Morogh Pig Meat In WoW?

Dun Morogh Pig Meat is a pet collection item of a Crag Boar.

Players can find different species of Crag Baor after reaching levels 6 to 9.

Moreover, the Pig meat is a unique catch in the game whose item level is 1

The Dun Mororgh doesn’t hold much significance, but its usage is to bait the creatures.

In addition, the best usage of Dun Morogh Pig Meat is to use as bait inside a great Bear’s den.

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How To Find Dun Mororgh Pig Meat In WoW?

Players should reach the highest altitude to find the Dun Morogh Pig Meat. 

Moreover, players can only obtain the loot from the Scarred Crag Boar, Crag Boar, Elder Crag Boar, and Large Crag Boar.

However, the other loot materials will fluctuate due to the nature of the boars.

Players will likely find the Boars in areas including Chill Breeze Valley, Iceflow Lake, and Coldridge Valley.

Large crag boar dwarf class wow
Search for the Large Crag Boar in Chill Breee Valley.

Nonetheless, players can still search for other players of Dun Morgh for the will creature, but locating them is tricky.

In some classes, players must find the Chunk of Boar Meat and collect Boar meat, where killing them is necessary.

All four kinds of Crag Boar are found in different ranking levels; nonetheless, they are pretty easy to beat.

If Players encounter any Crag Boar, they should initiate the fight and use their abilities.

After beheading the Biar, players should search the carcass and loot the Dun Murogh Pig Meat.

dun morogh pig meat
Grab the Dun Morogh Pig Meat from the dead Large Crag Boar.

Players can encounter more Large Crag Boar on the way and extract more loot.

Rune Of Flanking In Season Of Disc0very

The Dun Morgh Pig Meat unlocks a getaway to Rune of Flanking in the Iceflow Lake.

Players should search for a massive ice cave and face the ferocious Ice Claw Bear.

iceflow lake wow
Reach the highlighted icon on the map.

Further, players should use the item to approach and bait the Great Bear.

With more significant attack damage and immense speed, the Great Bear will chase the players.

Hence, players must make the best use of their ability and slay the giant creature.

wowo cave ice claw bear
Defeat the giant bear in the cave.

The wild bear will drop Rune Of Flanking of the Hunter class; players should use it to draw new Engraving abilities.

flanking strike rune of flanking
Click to engrave the pants with a flanking Rune strike.

The Bottom Line

The Pig Meat does not hold an advantage for players but plays a significant role in unlocking runes.

Players should also target multiple types of Crag Boars to increase their inventory items.

Players can later sell those items to the Auction Houses in the main areas.

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