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Trade Candies With Santa Claus In Blox fruits

Blox Fruits creates a Christmas-themed hub every year to celebrate the festive season.

During the Christmas event, players can meet Santa Claus and get valuable accessories in Blox Fruits.

In Blox Fruits, Santa Claus can be found at the North Pole in each sea, offering exciting accessories. During this festive season, players must focus on earning more candies to trade with valuable accessories from Santa.

Continue reading to find out more about Santa Claus and the accessories you can obtain this Christmas in Blox Fruits.

Santa Claus In Blox Fruits

This Christmas, Blox Fruits is featuring Santa Claus once again to celebrate the festive season within the game.

Santa Claus made his grand entrance in Update 13 and was part of Update 17 Part 1 and Update 17 Part 3.5 in Blox Fruits.

Furthermore, Santa Claus brings festive vibes and gives seasonal excitement to players in Blox Fruits.

santa claus
You can meet Santa Claus and get valuable accessories during this Christmas event.

This Christmas event, Santa Claus will bring a lot of new accessories for the players to obtain.

However, these accessories are only for a limited time so you must take part in the event to obtain them.

Finding The Santa Claus

You can also find a boat during the Christmas event to transform the seas into a winter wonderland.

In addition, you can find Santa Claus in his shop near the Boat Dealers at the North Pole in each sea.

So, if you want exclusive accessories to enhance your in-game experience, you must travel the corners of the BloxFruits universe.

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Earn Candies To Trade With Santa Claus

When you find Santa Claus, he will give you three delightful items in exchange for candies.

Therefore, it is necessary to accumulate a lot of candies before meeting Santa.

Candies are the festive currency of the season that you can collect by defeating NPCs of your level.

After you collect a bunch of candies you must take them over to the NPCs at the North Pole to trade for special goodies.

1. Exchange Candies To Get Accessories

You can find NPCs like Magic Elf, and Green Elf including Santa Claus in the Northpole.

Furthermore, you can exchange your candies for double EXP, stats refund, race rerolls, etc with the magic elf.

Santa Claus will trade your candies with accessories like an ELF hat, Santa Hat, Sleigh, etc.

  • Elf Hat: It is a charming accessory for those who want to add a touch of elf magic to their avatar and it costs 250 candies.
  • Santa Hat: You can get the iconic red Santa Hat for 500 candies that not only look stylish but also provide valuable buffs.
  • Sleigh (Cost: 1000 Candies): If you love the idea of sailing through the seas, the Sleigh is worth spending 1000 candies. 

2. Get A Santa Hat For Buffs

Santa Hat will give you a 30% boost in movement speed and a 12.5% increase in Sword damage.

If you exchange 500 candies for Santa Hat, you can also get an additional 400 energy and health with the Santa Hat.

santa hat
You can get the iconic red Santa Hat for 500 candies that will give you a 30% boost in speed.

Hence, Santa Hat is a must-have for players looking to enhance their abilities in the game.

3. Get An Elf Hat For The Buffs

The elf hat will give you 20% faster run speed if you trade it for $250 candies which is comparatively less than the Santa Hat.

You can also have 10% more damage on Melee or sword attack with the elf hat.

Moreover, you can also get a 5% cooldown reduction during Melee or sword attacks.

The Bottom Line

Santa Claws in Blox Fruits brings festive joy to the game with limited-time accessories to exchange using candies.

Overall, Santa Claws adds a touch of holiday spirit to Blox Fruits, making it an exciting time for players to engage in festive activities.

Hence, get ready for an exciting adventure to the North Pole this Christmas and obtain items from Santa Claus.

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