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How To Obtain Elemental Munitions In Destiny 2? 

Elemental Munitions in Destiny 2 is a perk that allows players to gain heavy and special ammo for killing enemies. 

Furthermore, this perk is unlockable after reaching the final column of their artifacts. 

Elemental Munitions in Destiny 2 is a new perk that allows players to gain heavy and special ammo. However, players must fulfill a few prerequisites before gaining the ammo to deal massive damage.

This article discusses Elemental Munitions and ways to optimize it in Destiny 2.

What Is Elemental Munitions In Destiny 2?

Elemental Munitions is a new addition to the mod pool in Destiny 2. The mod debuted in the new season. 

Furthermore, the mod is gaining a lot of popularity due to its perks that the players can leverage during the playthrough. 

According to the information in the game, Elemental munition sports the following perk: 

Combatant final blows with Tangles or Elemental Orbs have a chance to drop Special or Heavy Ammo. 

This means when players perform a final blow using an Elemental damage, it will spawn a Special or Heavy Ammo.

Furthermore, players can perform tangled hits on enemies to obtain special or heavy ammo. 

Elemental munitions in Destiny 2
Elemental Munitions create special or heavy ammo in Destiny 2.

Once you obtain the special or heavy ammo, players can simply throw the ammo toward the enemies to perform a huge explosion. 

Furthermore, players can obtain more of the Special or Heavy Ammo if this explosion performs the final blow with elemental damage. 

Thus, if players want to optimize the build using this mod, they must invest a bit more in elemental damage. 

However, players can also invest in Tangling skills. That means if players are keen on performing crowd control, this mod can also benefit them. 

Moreover, some players even advise players to mix both tangling skills and elemental damage in a single skill to get the best of both worlds. 

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How To Obtain Elemental Munitions In Destiny 2? 

Elemental munitions are a perk that players can unlock after reaching the final column of the Artifact

Furthermore, each artifact contains multiple columns to it. Thus, players cannot simply get to the final column and unlock the perk. 

An Artifact contains a total of various perks that players can equip on it.

However, players must choose the best perks suited for their build. 

Because the artifacts limit the number of perks that players can equip on them, perks and artifacts do not change the character’s appearance. 

Thus, unlike weapons and armor pieces, players will not see any visual changes to their characters.

However, the perks change the way the players tackle the game. 

This makes the gameplay of each player unique to them. Since there are four different columns, players can mix.

Additionally, they can match various perks all over the four columns to get the perfect character for their playstyle. 

Furthermore, players can even mix the Elemental munitions perks with other perks to obtain great results, especially if the players mix it with a perk allowing them to deal extra elemental damage. 

Thus, players must consider all their perks before allocating the Elemental Munitions to get their best effects. 

How To Optimize For Elemental Munitions In Destiny 2?

There are a few aspects and perks that players can match the Elemental munitions with to obtain the best effects. 

However, these are only our thoughts, thus, players can choose to build their own unique way of playing with the Elemental Munitions. 

Here is a list of perks and aspects that players can match Elemental Munitions with: 

1. Whirling Maelstrom

The whirling maelstrom aspect will destroy a tangle. Here is the exact info from the game: 

Destroying a Tangle will weave a violent writhing mass of strand fibers. The strand mass seeks out and damages targets emitting unraveling projectiles when it defeats them. 

This aspect allows players to throw out a whirling mass that destroys tangles, and when it defeats the enemy, it counts as the tangle killing the enemy. 

Thus, allowing players to proc the Elemental Munitions constantly perk to deal even more devastating damage. 

Optimize elemental munitions
Players can optimize Elemental Munitions with Whirling Maelstrom.

2. Heavy Ammo Finder

Heavy ammo finder is a mod in Destiny 2 that allows players to find heavy ammo after defeating enemies. 

Furthermore, it is a helmet mod, thus, players must equip it in their helmets to make it work.

Moreover, in certain runs players claim that the finder mod allows them to constantly obtain the heavy bricks from defeating the enemies. 

3. Heavy Ammo Scout

Heavy Ammo Scout is a mod in Destiny 2 that allows players to create a heavy ammo brick for their party members when they find one. 

This means that if players combine this mod with the heavy ammo finder mod.

Furthermore, this allows players and their party members to benefit from the Elemental Munitions perk. 

The Bottom Line

Elemental Munitions are a great way to deal massive damage to enemies with some luck.

However, players can increase that luck significantly by adding different mods. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in obtaining the Elemental Munition perk and using it fully in Destiny 2. 

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