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Explore Everything About Flame Warped Curio In WoW

In World of WarCraft, Flame Waeped Curio can be turned in for any Tier set piece at a vendor.

It is an item from Dragonflight, the ninth expansion pack for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Flame Warped Curio is an Omni token from Fyrakk added in patch 10.2.0, dropped in Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope.

Continue reading to learn more about the Flame Warped Curio in World of Warcraft.

An Overview Of Flame Warped Curio

In World of Warcraft, Flame Warped Curio is the NPC that is found in the Dream’s Hope, Heart of Amirdrassil.

Moreover, this item has been added to the 10.2.0 PTR, accommodating the return of Tier Omni-Tokens.

However, there is an equal chance for everyone in the raid to loot this item, dropping from the final boss of Amirdrassil.

Return of Tier Omni-Tokens Confirmed on PTR.
Return of Tier Omni-Tokens Confirmed on PTR.

In Dragonflight Season 3, players trade this item with the Kirasztia, to get a best-tier piece.

However, players can exchange it for a Class Set piece of their choice at Kirasztia in the Emerald Dream.

How To Get Flame Warped Curio?

Dragonflight Season 3 allows players to trade Omni tokens in for any tier piece item that they want at that same difficulty level.

Moreover, players can receive and exchange as many Flame Warped Curios, a regular loot drop as they want.

Flame warped curio in wow.
Flame Warped Curio is an item dropped by Kiraszti in Emerald Dream.

In WoW, Dragonflight Season 3, players must defeat Farak to get this item, as it is likely to drop from the fearsome Fyrakk.

In addition, players must make a strategy and plan accordingly to defeat the fearsome Fyrakk.

Once you loot this item, head over to Kirasztia in Emerald Dream where you can make your own choice while exchanging it.

This means the vendor Kirasztia will exchange tier items for this item in Dragonflight Season 3.

Omni Tokens In Season 3 Of Dragonflight

The Dragonflight Season 3 Omni tokens are the Emerald Mark of Mastery and Flame Warped Curio.

Tier Omni-Tokens are special items that allow players to obtain powerful gear known as tier pieces.

Moreover, players need to search across Azeroth to get Tier sets, items that improve specific playstyles and to acquire bonuses.

In Dragonflight, LFR bosses can drop Tier gear and can help you get your tier set faster.

However, players with these tokens get a huge advantage as they do not need to rely on specific boss drops to complete the tier set.

In addition, you can choose the tier piece that best suits your character’s playstyle and gameplay.

The Bottom Line

Flame Warped Curio is a level 489 item, a loot drop from Fyrakk, the last boss of the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope.

However, the Season 3 tokens are the Emerald Mark of Mastery and Flame-Warped Curio.

In the World of Warcraft, the return of Tier Omni-Tokens through the Curio has brought new excitement.

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