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Enshrouded Death: Drops Item In Inventory Or Full Gear

Players have been wondering what happens after their death which drops all the items in the inventory or full gear in Enshrouded.

However, the Enshrouded features a unique death system that drops the items from the player’s inventory that they currently had.

Moreover, the full gear they wore doesn’t drop at all which helps to retain the gear and clothes they wear.

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What Are Death Drops In Enshrouded?

Death drops are the items that you lose when your character dies in the game.

Unlike some other games, where you drop everything, Enshrouded has a system that allows you to keep some of your items.

However, this does not mean that death is without risk, as you still have to recover your dropped items from a tombstone.

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What Happens When You Die In Enshrouded?

When you die in Enshrouded, your character will respawn at a safe location, such as your base or a campfire.

You will also keep everything that is equipped on your character or in your hot bar, such as weapons, armor, tools, and consumables.

This means that you will not be left naked and defenseless after death, and you can still fight your way back to your tombstone.

However, you will lose everything that is in your backpack, such as resources, crafting materials, and extra items.

Drop items from the backpack
Drop items from the backpack when you die in Enshrouded.

These items will be stored in a tombstone that will appear near the place where you died.

The tombstone will have a marker on your map, so you can easily locate it.

However, the tombstone may not be in the exact spot where you died, but rather in a nearby location that is relatively safe.

For example, if you die from falling from a high place, your tombstone will be on the ground below.

If you die in a deadly shroud, your tombstone will be outside of it.

If you died in a regular shroud, your tombstone may still be inside it, but you will have to reclaim your items.

What Do You Drop When You Die In Enshrouded?

As mentioned above, you only drop the items that are in your backpack when you die in Enshrouded.

This means that you can control what you drop by managing your inventory wisely.

For example, you can store your valuable items in your base or a chest, and only carry what you need for your current task.

You can also equip items that you don’t want to lose on your character or in your hot bar, such as rare weapons, armor, or tools.

This will help you minimize item loss when you die and retrieve them easily from your tombstone.

What To Do After Your Death In Enshrouded?

After your death in Enshrouded, you have two main choices:

  1. You can either try to recover your items from your gravestone.
  2. You can start over with a new character.

The first choice is more rewarding, but also more challenging as you will have to face the same dangers that killed you before.

Fight monsters
Fight monsters to get back to your items.

Moreover, you will have to hurry before your gravestone disappears or gets looted.

The second choice is safer,  you will have to craft and collect everything again, and you will lose your progress and skills.

Furthermore, you can also ignore your tombstone and move on and you will lose your items.

This may be a viable option if you don’t have anything valuable in your backpack, or if you don’t want to risk your life again.

However, you should be careful not to lose any quest items or rare items that may be hard to find again.

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