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Enshrouded Healer Build: The Wand Of Healing

A healer build is one of the most versatile and valuable builds in Enshrouded.

It allows you to heal yourself and your allies and deal some damage with your wand and elemental skills.

A healer build is based on the blue part of the skill tree, which is related to magic and healing.

Continue reading to learn how to make a healer build, what skills to choose, and what equipment to craft.

The Healer Build In Enshrouded

A healer build is best suited for multiplayer mode, where you can support your teammates by restoring their health and mana.

In multiplayer mode, you can cooperate with players with different roles and skills, such as warriors, rogues, or mages.

Playing as a healer can keep your team alive and healthy while they deal damage and protect you from enemies.

Moreover, you can use your wand to deal some damage yourself or trigger your Battleheal skill.

This heals you and your allies when you hit enemies with your wand.

Use your wand to deal some damage yourself.

The healer build is also helpful for solo mode, as you can heal yourself and your companion, who can be a warrior, a rogue, or a mage.

You can also use the Healing Aura skill to heal friendly NPCs, such as villagers or merchants, whose enemies might attack.

This can increase your reputation and unlock new quests or rewards.

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Create Your Healer Build

To create a healer build, you should focus on the blue part of the skill tree, especially the Healer and Battlemage specializations.

The blue part of the skill tree is related to magic and healing, giving you access to skills that can restore health and mana.

Additionally, it will enhance your wand damage and elemental resistance.

It is divided into three branches: Water, Air, and Earth.

Each branch has different elemental skills that can heal, damage, or buff you and your allies.

1. The Water Branch

It has skills like Water Blast, Water Shield, and Waterfall.

Generally, it can deal with water damage, increase water resistance, and create a healing zone.

2. The Air Branch

The Air branch has skills like Lightning Bolts, Wind Gusts, and Thunderstorms.

Thus, it can deal lightning damage, knock back enemies, and stun them respectively.

healer build
Blue part of the skill tree is related to magic and healing

3. The Earth Branch

The Earth branch has skills like Stone Spike, Earthquake, and Rock Armor.

Thus, it can deal with earth damage, slow down enemies, and increase armor.

Equipment For Healer Build

Some of the equipment is suitable for a healer build in Enshrouded. 

Additionally, you can use potions, food, and elixirs to boost your healing abilities and survivability.

1. Wand Of Healing

The Wand of Healing increases your healing power and mana regeneration.

It also has a chance to cast a healing spell on you or your allies when you hit an enemy with it.

You can craft this wand using 1 iron bar, 1 silver bar, 1 gold bar, 1 ruby, and 1 sapphire.

2. Robe Of The Healer

The Robe of the Healer reduces the cooldown of your healing skills and increases your elemental resistance.

It also has a chance to create a healing zone around you or your allies when you use a healing skill. 

You can craft this robe using 10 linen, 5 silk, 1 emerald, and 1 diamond.

heal yourself
Robe of the Healer reduces the cooldown of your healing skills.

3. Ring Of The Healer

The Ring of the Healer increases your health and mana.

It also can restore some health and mana to you or your allies when you take damage.

You can craft this ring using 1 copper bar, 1 silver bar, 1 gold bar, and 1 pearl.

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