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How To Get Kettle In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, players are curious about how to obtain the Kettle to boost their abilities in the game.

The Kettle looks like an ordinary item; however, it has the power to unlock valuable workshops in the game.

Hence, it’s like a magic item that opens up many skills to make farming, cooking, and crafting more fun in Enshrouded.

Continue reading to learn more about how to get the Kettle in Enshrouded.

Obtaining The Kettle In Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, you can find several special items that help in progressing and surviving in the game.

Furthermore, one such special item in Enshrouded is the Kettle which is not only for decoration in the game.

The kettle is an important item in Enshrouded that helps unlock valuable abilities and workshops for your adventure.

In addition, obtaining the kettle is a task that is associated with a quest given by the Farmer in Enshrouded.

Farmer quest for getting kettle enshrouded
The Farmer helps you craft food and helps you grow your plants in Enshrouded.

The Farmer has a specific quest where she seeks her kettle, and your mission is to help her obtain it.

Obtaining the kettle is crucial in advancing your abilities and skills within the game.

Hence, you must obtain the kettle to unlock crafting abilities for delicious meals in Enshrouded.

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Craft A Fireplace With The Kettle In Enshrouded

To begin your adventure in finding the special Enshrouded Kettle, you must first meet a friendly character called the Farmer.

The farmer will give you a unique quest in Enshrouded among which obtaining the kettle is the main focus.

Your journey begins when you decide to assist the Farmer in her quest to obtain the kettle.

Even though the kettle seems very ordinary, it is a vital item you can find in Enshrouded.

Unlock farmer and summon for kettle quest
You must first unlock the Farmer to summon her into your base for getting the kettle quest in Enshrouded.

This kettle holds the key to unlocking significant crafting abilities and workshops for the Farmer.

Furthermore, the farmer has workshops like a Seedbed, fireplace, almanac of plants, oven, beehive smoker, etc.

Each of these workshops requires items for crafting them.

Hence, the kettle is the recipe for crafting a fireplace, the source for cooking meals in the game.

After you help the farmer complete the seedbed workshop, you must craft the fireplace by gathering the following items:

  • 4 Flintstone
  • 1 Kettle
  • 10 Stone
  • 2 Metal Scraps

The Kettle is the recipe for completing the second workshop of the Farmer’s Quest in Enshrouded.

Hence, it is the key that opens up crafting equipment like Seedbed, Oven, Beehive Smoker, etc in the game.

How To Get Kettle In Enshrouded?

To start looking for the Enshrouded Kettle, you first need to find the Farmer’s Ancient Vault.

Furthermore, the Ancient vault is located in the northern part of the Springlands in Enshrouded.

Once you reach the ancient vault, you must use the summoning staff.

Using the summoning staff will trigger some magic and bring the Farmer to your base.

Obtain kettle in Enshrouded
To obtain the kettle in Enshrouded, you must go the Pikemead’s reach and interact with Raul.

But before summoning the Farmer into your base, you must ensure she has a safe spot to stay and join you.

After successfully bringing the Farmer to your base, she will give you the quest to obtain the Enshrouded kettle.

In addition, the Farmer will then guide you through specific tasks related to the Kettle.

1. Go To The Pikemead’s Reach To Get The Kettle

The Farmer will ask you to get her kettle back from her friend named Raul.

You can find Raul in Pikemead’s Reach and obtain the kettle.

However, you must have passage level 2 to reach the Pikemead’s reach in Enshrouded.

You can increase the passage level by making sacrifices to the Flame.

2. Interact With Raul’s Skeleton

You must go inside the Flame sanctum of the imperial garden to find the kettle.

Next, you must interact with the skeleton of Raul and learn about Revelwood, Raul’s Fate.

After unlocking the new lore called the Revelwood, the kettle will emerge right next to Raul’s skeleton.

Hence, go near the kettle and collect it for crafting a fireplace in Enshouded.

All The Farmer’s Quest In Enshrouded

The farmer will give you the task of obtaining recipes for four different quests.

Hence, you must obtain recipe items for crafting equipment like an oven, fireplace, almanac of plants, and Beehive smoker.

1. Craft The Seedbed

Seedbed is a special workshop that lets you transform various fruits, herbs, fungi, and tea into seedlings.

You can plant these seedlings in your base and grow them for plenty of food, medicine, herbs, etc.

Hence, imagine having a little garden in your base where you can grow plants as much as you want.

The Seedbed makes your place look greener and helps keep you alive and well in the game.

Thus, the Kettle is the recipe item that you must get after crafting a Seedbed to craft the fireplace.

2. Craft The Oven 

Once you complete the Farmer’s quest and obtain the Enshrouded Kettle, you must unlock the Oven.

In addition, the oven is a special workshop that lets you cook a variety of new food options.

Each dish you cook in the oven gives you special powers buffs that boost your strength.

3. Craft The Beehive Smoker

After completing the farmer’s quest of unlocking the oven, you must unlock the Beehive Smoker.

Beehive Smoker is a special workshop in the game that provides utility and crafting options related to bees.

With the Beehive Smoker, you can make friends with bees and turn them into valuable allies on your adventure.

Get The Kettle When You Drop It During Crash

If you are in a situation where you drop your Kettle during a crash in Enshrouded, then you are likely unable to retrieve it.

Furthermore, you can’t even craft the kettle again at the Farmer’s Fireplace as the corpse is no longer available.

In this circumstance, you must try to obtain another kettle by following the guide below:

  1. First, try picking up the dropped Kettle as it might unlock the ability to craft it at the blacksmith.
  2. The second step is to check your crafting options at the blacksmith to see if the Kettle is now available for crafting.
  3. Head to the blacksmith location and interact with the crafting station.
  4. Look for the Kettle in the crafting menu.
  5. If it’s available, you should be able to craft a new one.
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