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In Need Of A Tanning Station Enshrouded: Crafting Leather

In Enshrouded, the Tanning Station is the crafting station where players can craft different items for their survival in the game.

However, players can use this station to unlock the ability to make leather.

Players need to complete one of the hunter quests to unlock the Tanning Station and need to gather specific items to build it.

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What Is A Tanning Station?

In Enshrouded, players will explore the various crafting stations and intriguing NPCs with whom they can interact.

Players have the opportunity to craft and upgrade their weapons and armor.

However, resource gathering is only the first step on the thrilling path of crafting as each craftable item will take a variety of ingredients

Collecting the resources can often be hard but it will forge powerful gear which will aid players in their adventurous journey.

To acquire Tanning Station complete hunter quest
To acquire Tanning Station players must complete the hunter quest.

Players need to complete the different quests to unlock the crafting station in Enshrouded.

Similarly, another crafting station to craft the items combining different resources in Enshrouded is Tanning Station.

One of the special items that players can craft in this station is Leather.

Hence, with a variety of crafting stations scattered across the enshrouded, players can unlock the true potential of their character.

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Walkthrough To Unlock Tanning Station

To unlock the Tanning Station in Enshrouded, embark on the “In Need of a Tanning Station” quest at the beginning of the game.

It is one of the Hunter quests players must complete to unlock the station.

Athalan Skree the Hunter is one of the NPCS who can provide the essential upgrade to players’ backpacks and help with special ammo for bows.

Here is the guide that players can follow to complete the In Need of a Tanning Station quest in Enshrouded.

1. Explore Raven’s Keep

Players must navigate through the Nomad Highlands to locate and rescue the hunter as she was sent there after a gruesome fight.

Defeating enemies in Raven's Liar
Players exploring and defeating enemies in Raven’s Keep.

However, players must navigate through the Vukah Cave Passage to reach the Raven’s keep.

Players must observe the surroundings more carefully while venturing into the Raven’s Keep to eliminate the potential hazards.

2. Obtain The Tanning Station From Lupas’s Liar

Now the hunter has successfully escaped from the Raven’s Keep and has moved to the Lupa’s Liar.

Lupa’s Lair is the southwest corner of the Nomad Highlands and requires level 20.

However, players must follow the same path as before, i.e. navigate the Vukah Cave, eliminating the potential enemies.

Upon following this route, and heading towards the left of the map they will reach the ruined bridge, and head straight to reach Lupa’s  Liar.

You must explore the Lupa’s Liar, defeat the formidable enemies, and unlock the Tanning Station along with 150 XP.

Recipe To Craft Enshrouded Tanning Station

Upon crafting the tanning station and unlocking it, players will enable the Hunter to mass-produce leather.

However, players need 10 Wood Planks, 4 Nails, 10 Lumps of clay and 10 Tar to craft the Tanning Station.

Moreover, while placing the planks need to be stacked just right and build exactly how the Matron in the game demands it.

Placing the Tanning Station in Enshrouded
Placing the Tanning Station to craft the leather in Enshrouded.

After placing the Tanning Station, players can craft Leather by combining Dried Fur, Salt, and Ammonia Gland.

Players can use this leather while crafting armor and other valuable items in the game.

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