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Prepare Yourself For The Monopoly Go Album Reset

Monopoly Go is a mobile game that lets you build your own city and collect stickers based on different themes.

Every few months, the game introduces a new album with new stickers and rewards, but also resets the previous album.

When an album resets, you lose all the stickers you collected for that album. To prepare for the next album reset in Monopoly Go, trade your extra stickers and save your dice rolls for the Golden Blitz events.

Continue reading to learn about album reset, why it matters, and how to prepare for it.

Reset Album In Monopoly Go

An album in Monopoly Go is a collection of stickers you can obtain by playing the game.

Each album has a theme and a set of rewards you can unlock by completing.

However, the albums are not permanent; they reset every few months to make way for new ones.

When an album resets, you lose all the stickers you collected for that album, but you keep the stars you earned from it.

However, there is no way to manually reset an album in Monopoly Go.

The albums are automatically reset every few months to make way for new ones.

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Why Does Album Reset Matter In Monopoly Go?

Album reset matters because it affects the rewards and challenges that players can get from collecting stickers.

It happens every three months and usually coincides with a new season or theme.

When an album resets, all the stickers players have collected are erased, except for the stars earned from completing sets.

The stars can be used to unlock new boards and tokens. 

The rewards for completing sets also increase with each new album, but so does the difficulty of finding rare stickers, especially gold ones.

album reset
Album Reset affects the rewards and challenges.

Prepare For The Next Album Reset

Preparing for the next album reset in Monopoly Go can be tricky, but here are some tips:

1. Trade Your Extra Stickers

Trade your extra stickers with other players before the album ends. 

You can connect to a Facebook account and join the Monopoly Go Trading Group.

Only then can you find people who have the stickers you need or want the stickers you have.

2. Save Up Your Dice Rolls

Save up your dice rolls and use them with a high multiplier when the Golden Blitz events happen. 

These events give you more chances of finding the rarest and most valuable gold stickers.

3. Complete The Color Sets

Complete the color sets on the board by buying or upgrading buildings in your city. 

This will earn you a lot of stickers, cash, and stars that you can use to unlock new boards and tokens.

4. The Community Chest

Open the community chest whenever it is available. It can give you free stickers, cash, or other prizes. 

You can also set the push notifications on your phone or tablet to alert you when the chest is ready.

5. Recycle Your Extra Cards

Recycle your extra cards in the Rewards for Extras menu within the Album menu. 

This will give you some cash or dice rolls that you can use for more stickers.

Complete album
Recycle your extra cards to complete the album.

The Bottom Line

A new sticker album means new challenges and opportunities for Monopoly Go players.

The album reset in Monopoly Go is exciting and frustrating, as it offers new stories and prizes. 

Additionally, finding the rare and gold stickers essential for completing the sets requires more time and effort.

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