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Is Hero Worshipped Worth It In Starfield?

The “Hero Worshipped” Trait in Starfield is a character trait chosen at the game’s start.

The worth of the Hero-Worshipped Trait in Starfield depends on personal preferences. It offers benefits like a loyal companion and humor, potentially causing distractions and reactions from other characters.

In this article, we will discuss what is the Hero Worshipped trait, its benefits, its drawbacks and if it is worth it.

What Is Hero-Worshiped Trait?

The “Hero Worshipped” trait in “Starfield” is a character customization option that adds a unique gameplay element.

By choosing this trait during character creation, players introduce the concept of an Adoring Fan into their adventures.

starfield hero worshipped worth it.
Adoring Fan in Hero Worship Trait.

Moreover, the Adoring Fan will make spontaneous and unpredictable appearances throughout the game.

Players can recruit the Adoring Fan as a companion, get gifts, and benefit from their skills.

This trait adds unpredictability and charm to the player’s journey in “Starfield.”

Benefits Of Hero-Worshipped Trait In Starfield

Here are the benefits of the Hero-Worshipped trait in Starfield:

1. Adoring Fan As Crew

The most significant advantage of the Hero-Worshipped trait is gaining an Adoring Fan who becomes a member of your ship’s crew.

This companion can be a valuable asset, assisting you in various ways throughout your journey.

2. Generous Gifts

The Adoring Fan regularly provides gifts, which can be highly beneficial.

These gifts may include weapons, armor, and consumables, enhancing your equipment and resources for your adventures.

3. Comic Relief

The Adoring Fan adds a lighthearted and humorous element to your adventure.

Their comments on your actions, often sarcastic or mocking, can provide moments of comic relief and entertainment for some players.

4. Useful Skills

The Adoring Fan possesses several useful skills.

This includes one rank in Scavenging, one in Concealment, and two in Weightlifting.

These skills can be advantageous when gathering items, sneaking around during quests, and carrying additional inventory.

5. Credit Persuasion

With Commerce skills, you can persuade the Adoring Fan to give you all the credit they have.

This can be a valuable resource for purchasing items, trading, or even bribing other characters or factions.

Drawbacks Of Hero-Worshipped Trait In Starfield

Here are the drawbacks of Hero-Worshipped trait in Starfield:

1. Constant Presence

The Adoring Fan’s constant presence can be seen as a drawback by some players.

They will follow you around and offer praise in various situations.

This can potentially become distracting during critical moments or stealth missions.

2. Reactions From Others

The Adoring Fan’s behavior may trigger reactions from other characters or factions within the game world.

Depending on the situation, these reactions can be positive or negative and may impact your interactions with other NPCs.

3. Consequences Of Removal

If you choose to remove the Hero Worshipped trait by killing the Adoring Fan, it may have consequences within the game.

This action could affect your character’s reputation, story progression, or interactions with other characters.

Is Hero Worshipped Trait Worth It In Starfield?

Deciding whether to use the Hero Worshipped trait on your character in Starfield depends on your personal preferences.

This trait offers several benefits, however, it also entails a constant presence that can be distracting.

Additionally, removing the trait may have consequences in the game.

Consider your preferred gameplay experience, whether you value humor and companionship, and how you handle potential distractions when deciding.

The Bottom Line

The Hero-Worshipped trait in Starfield offers a unique gameplay experience that combines benefits and drawbacks.

It introduces an Adoring Fan companion who provides gifts, valuable skills, and humor to your adventure.

However, the constant presence of the Adoring Fan can be distracting, and their behavior may trigger reactions from other characters or factions.

Whether this trait is worth selecting depends on your personal preferences and playstyle.

It offers a mix of entertainment and potential disruptions in your journey through the game.

Ultimately, using this trait should align with your desired gameplay experience in Starfield.

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