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Explore Vestige of Catrin And Find The Sunless Skein Key: Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of Fallen includes many Vestiges throughout the game, and Vestige Of Catrin is one of them.

You can use this vestige to either restore your health or warp back to the axiom world.

In Lords Of The Fallen, Vestige Of Catrin is an important landmark in Sunless Skein which players can utilize to find the Sunless Skein Key. It can also act as a checkpoint within Sunless Skein.

Continue reading this article to learn about this Vestige.

Introduction To Vestiges In Lords Of The Fallen

Vestiges are the form of checkpoints in Lords Of The Fallen.

The main purpose of Vestige is to act as a spawn point for players when they are defeated.

Vestiges are quite distinct, therefore, they can be easily located at a glance.

Vestige Of Catrin In Lords Of The Fallen
Vestige Of Catrin In Lords Of The Fallen

A vestige point is a Giant statue that holds a blue lamp surrounded by white flowers.

Additionally, your Umbral lamp also vibrates when you are near a Vestige.

There are lots of things that players can do after interacting with the vestige. They are:

  • Players can rest in Vestiges to regain Health and Mana.
  • They can use the Vestige to teleport to another Vestige that has been discovered.
  • It also provides a base for upgrading your character’s stats in exchange for some Vigor.
  • It can also be used to beckon another player to join you in the game(Multiplayer).
  • When In Umbral World, the player can interact with the Vestige to warp back to the Axiom world.
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How To Find Vestige Of Catrin?

The Vestige of Catrin is a checkpoint that is located in the Sunless Skein.

Sunless Skein is a cave in Lords of the Fallen with many interconnected tunnels.

Map Of Sunless Skein In Lords Of The Fallen
Map Of Sunless Skein In Lords Of The Fallen

The Vestige of Catrin can be found in the topmost region of Sunless Skein after you climb the ladder.

However, there are some prerequisites that you need to complete to access it.

Firstly, locate the Vestige of Hooded Antuli, which is located at the entrance door.

After you locate this Vestige, move through the water and warp to the Umbral realm.

Make your way until you find a glowing lever on the edge of the area.

Then, pull the lever to lower and discover the Vestige Of Catrin.

Find The Sunless Skein Key In Lords Of The Fallen

There are so many things to do before you locate the Sunless Skein Key in the Vestige Of Catrin.

First, travel back to the same area where you entered the Umbral Realm.

However, the bridge will be lowered this time, allowing you to move across it.

Keep travelling the same path until you find a new tunnel that leads below the ground.

But be prepared as you will encounter lots of enemies here.

Clear the area so you can navigate the following obstacles without hassle.

Then, use your Umbral Lamp to warp to the Axiom world.

This way, you can move across the obstacles that had blocked your path in the Axiom world.

Here, you will unlock a new room which seems like a new puzzle.

Use your Umbral Lamp again to look for clues inside this room.

Opening Door After Receiving The Key
Opening Door After Receiving The Key

It will reveal a new bridge that leads upwards. Follow this bridge until you find some cages.

Scour these cages until you can find the Sunless Skein Key.

After finding this key, head back to the entrance, where you can find the locked door.

The best way to find this door is to return to the Vestige of Hooded Antuli and look near it.

You can use this key here to unlock this door.

The Bottom Line

The Vestige of Catrin is one of the two relics that lies within the Sunless Skein.

The main purpose of this relic is to lead you toward the Sunless Skein Key.

However, locating this vestige can be very puzzling as the landmark is full of tunnels.

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