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How To Milk Brahmin In Fallout 76? Event Guide

Many players are curious about how to milk Brahmin in Fallout 76.

It is one of the tasks that reappears in the current update.

To Milk Brahmin in Fallout 76, initially get and craft the birthday suit, head to Faltwoods and search Brahmin and Milk Brahmin three times by slowly approaching the creature from behind.

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Milk Brahmin Objective

There are many tasks, including collecting Mothman meat, sugar or spices and a cake pan for Fallout’s anniversary.

Milk Brahmin is among the seven tasks of one of the events.

In this task, Players must obtain milk from Brahmin three times while wearing the birthday suit.

fallout 76 how to milk brahmin
Complete the Milk Brahmin task by wearing the birthday suit.

Players will get a Brahmin Pan Suit as a part of the requirement for completing just the single task.

However, if players complete at least five tasks, they can obtain a birthday cake.

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How To Milk Brahmin In Fallout 76?

To complete the Milk Brahmin task in Fallout 76’s birthday event, follow the given procedure;

1. Grab The Birthday Suit

Players can get the birthday suit for free, thanks to the fifth anniversary of Fallout 76.

To get the birthday suit, players need to head to the menu and search for Atomic Shop’s Featured section.

The outfit appears in the bottom section of the shop.

Birthday suit fallout 76
Claim the birthday suit for free from the atomic store.

Further, players should enter the Armor Workbench and the Craft button.

Under the Outfits menu in the Craft section, tap on Birthday Suit using five clothes.

2. Search For Brahmin

Players should extract the locations where more number of Brahmins are present.

One of those locations is Flatwoods, so head there using Fast Travel.

Players will come across a red house, cross that house, and search for a green field just across the red tractor.

Flatwoods fallout 76
Cross the house with a red star.

While exploring the location, players will find multiple Brahmins.

3. Milk Brahmin

After finding the Brahmin, the player should get closer and click the Milk button.

Milk Brahmin
Search and Milk Brahmin in the Flatwoods area.

Unfortunately, not all the Brahmin will agree to give milk and kick players away.

So, kindly approach the two-headed cows from three different Brahmin to complete the task.

The best method to get Brahmin Milk is to hide behind the bush and approach the creature from the back. 

Players can also opt to collect multiple milk items to use as healing material.

After completing the event mission and getting the Brahmin Pant Suit, they can craft the item by revisiting the Armor Workbench.

The Bottom Line

Players can perform various tasks and get rewards, including the Brahmin suit in Fallout’s anniversary event.

Players can search for other locations, including Wayyard, Big Bend Tunnel East and Pleasant Station, to locate Brahmin.

However, to get the Milk from Brahmin, players must approach the cow carefully without providing a hint.

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