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Why Is FanDuel Website Not Working? Some Possible Fixes

FanDuel is an American sports betting platform popular among Fantasy sports fans.

You can place bets on various sports, executing different strategies to earn money.

However, people are complaining about the FanDuel website not working correctly.

The Fanduel website is not working due to the server maintenance process. Bettors have to wait until the downtime is over to reaccess the website. However, some general fixes include checking the internet connection and location.

This article discusses the issues with the FanDuel website, the causes of the FanDuel website not working and the possible fixes.

Issues With The FanDuel Website

The FanDuel website is down with a 403 error, saying the request could not be satisfied.

The issue with the website is causing customers not to be able to access their accounts to withdraw their funds.

The Fanduel Website is down with 403 error.
The Fanduel Website is down with a 403 error message.

Additionally, the FanDuel Sportsbook app is also facing some similar issues due to maintenance.

During the maintenance period, the customer account cannot place any bets.

However, the bets they have placed earlier than this issue will be settled as usual.

FanDuel Not Working: Causes

There can be different causes for the FanDuel website not working. However, some common causes are explained below:

1. Server Issues

There is a crash in FanDuel servers, which is causing the website not to load.

Due to the server issue, the server cannot provide additional information and access the website.

Further, the ‘403 error’ is displayed on the website. 

As a result, users are not able to access the login page to get to their profile dashboard.

Fanduel Not Working issue reported in the Downdetector website in the last 24 hours
The Fanduel Not Working issue has been reported on the Downdetector website in the last 24 hours.

2. High Traffic

The website may have crashed due to many people using the site for betting.

When there is high traffic on the website, it cannot handle all the requests.

Further, when the servers cannot process the requests of more people visiting the website, the whole website may go down.

FanDuel Not Working: Fixes

According to FanDuel’s official website, the problem is because they are undergoing some maintenance on the website.

The official Fandeul Support on X says that they’ll be back at 8 A.M EST.

Notice from the official FanDuel Customer Support
Notice from the official FanDuel Customer Support.

 Some general fixes you can try during the downtime are:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

FanDuel Website needs an internet connection to load the site and access the additional information.

If your device is not connected to the internet, you run into the ‘this site can’t be reached’ error.

Make sure to check if your Wi-Fi is working before you log into the website.

2. Not Available In Your Location

Being an online betting app, FanDuel is not legal and licensed to operate in every location.

If you’re not located in the place where FanDuel is illegal, you can encounter a Restricted Location error.

However, you can change the location from your settings to access the FanDuel site.

Further, to solve the Restricted location issue, you can use a VPN to access the website.

The Bottom Line

The FanDuel website is not working due to the ongoing server maintenance, as reported by the Support team.

In this case, you can only wait for the maintenance to complete to access the website again.

The latest app and website updates will resolve all the existing issues related to the site.

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