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Just Dance 2024 Not Loading: Causes And Fixes

Just Dance 2024 edition is back with more exciting songs, features, and various modes for the players.

However, many players are complaining that the Just Dance 2024 edition is not loading.

Just Dance 2024 may not be loading due to some potential causes such as an Outdated game version, a slow internet connection, or an incompatible controller app. Players can fix it by deleting the game and reinstalling it from the Nintendo Store.

Continue reading to learn more about why Just Dance 2024 is not loading and how to fix it.

What Is Just Dance 2024 Edition?

Just Dance 2024 Edition is a music video game that lets you dance and share your moves with 40+ new songs and universes.

The game is available now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

Further, it features some popular songs from Disney, Bad Bunny, BLACKPINK, and Whitney Houston.

You can enjoy dance workouts with the workout mode, and challenge modes for challenging friends to climb the leaderboard.

In addition, you can access more than 300 songs with Just Dance+ subscription service.

Just Dance 2024 Not Loading: Causes

Just Dance players have been experiencing issues with the game not loading properly.

Further, players are not able to play the downloaded song as the screen freezes on the loading screen

There can be various reasons why Just Dance 2024 is not loading and some of them are:

1. Outdated Game Version

If you’re using the outdated game version rather than the latest edition, the game may not load properly.

However, even if it loads, you cannot experience the newly added features and songs.

2. Controller App Not Compatible

Sometimes, your controller app is not compatible or connected with your console.

You also have to make sure that wifi is activated on the console.

Further, it requires a connection to a Ubisoft Account (13+), a Nintendo account, and a game fee payment.

3. Slow Internet Connection

When the internet connection is slow, the songs cannot be played properly.

It’s possible that the slow internet connection is preventing the Just Dance songs from loading.

Just Dance 2024 Not Loading: Fixes

Many players are frustrated with this issue; however, there are some easy fixes that can resolve this.

Some of the fixes for Just Dance not loading are:

1. Uninstall And Reinstall

You can uninstall and delete all the data and reinstall the game on the Nintendo Store.

The game settings have the option to delete all the data and then delete the app from your switch.

Then, go back to the Nintendo store on the Switch to download it again.

2. Use Compatible Controller

The Just Dance Controller app on your mobile device should connect to the game on your console. 

Further, make sure your controller app is paired with your console, and that both devices are on the same network.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

According to some players, fixing the Wi-Fi issues resolved the problem.

Reddit discussion about Just Dance
Players discussing on Reddit about the issue.

Using a good internet allowed them to load the game and play the songs.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Just Dance players can enjoy the exciting features of the 2024 edition with new songs and features.

If you encounter the game not loading properly, try checking your internet connection or reinstall the game.

Also, if these fixes do not work for you, you have to wait until developers acknowledge this problem and come up with fixes.

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