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Female Character Customization In Lords Of The Fallen

Lords Of The Fallen is a soulslike RPG that allows players to customize whether their character is male or female.

It provides character customization options for male characters and does the same for female characters in the game.

It means that players can fully choose to play with a female character in the game after customizing them.

To customize a female character, players must access the character customization option from the menu where they will be able to customize their class and appearance.

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Introduction To Character Customization

In “Lords of the Fallen,” the customization feature is a playground for players to craft their ideal hero.

Every detail can be fine-tuned from head shape and skin color to the nuances of hair, facial hair, and facial textures.

The body type selection allows players to choose between muscular, large, or thin physiques.

Female Character Customization In Lords Of The Fallen
Female Character Customization In Lords Of The Fallen

Skin color options and the inclusion of tattoos allow for unique personalization.

This range of choices for customization ensures each player can create a distinctive and personalized character.

Therefore, every theme of customization is available in Lords of the Fallen.

Hence, spending some time creating your character is suggested as it cannot be changed later in the game.

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Female Character Customization In Lords Of The Fallen

Lords Of The Fallen allows players to be creative while choosing their characters.

This is because players can set their characters’ appearance by themselves.

Here are all the customization features In Lords Of The Fallen for Female characters.

Head– Shape, Skin Colour, Hair, Facial hair, Face Texture, Face tattoos.

Face Texture– Age, Eye Colour, Eyes, Nose, Ears, Mouth, Cheekbone.

Tattoos– Chest, Back, Left/Right Arm, Left/Right leg.

Body– General Body Shape, Body Type, Skin Colour, Tattoos.

Class Selection

  • Blackfeather Ranger
  • Condemned
  • Dark Crusader
  • Exile Stalker
  • Hallowed Knight
  • Mournstead Infantry
  • Orian Preacher
  • Partisan
  • Pyric Cultist
  • Udirangr Warwolf

Additional Options For Female Character Customization

In Lords of the Fallen, players can unleash their creativity and personalize their female characters down to the finest details.

You can even set your head shape to make your character appear funny or serious.

The choice of skin color ensures that your character reflects your vision

The hair customization options in terms of hue, saturation, and brightness grant you the ability to create the perfect hair.

Facial hair is also no exception when it comes to customization.

Detailed Female Character Customization In Lord Of The Fallen
Detailed Female Character Customization In Lord Of The Fallen

You can even change how your character’s forehead, nose, eyes, and mouth appear in the game.

Delve even deeper with facial texture options that allow you to adjust age and eye color.

Moreover, the intricacies of eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and even the definition of cheekbones.

Furthermore, you can even select the body type, offering the freedom to create a character who is either muscular, large, or thin.

You can also customize your female character with body Tattoos.

The tattoos can be placed on various parts of your character’s body.

Using these customization features, Lords Of The Fallen helps you to create the perfect female character.

The Bottom Line

The Female class character customization is a very distinct touch in Lords Of the Fallen.

In fact, they even go one step above to include different female character models for each class in the game.

Therefore, experiment with this feature to end up with your ideal female character in the game.

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