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Revive Rework In Blox Fruits: Discover Its Abilities And Appearance

In Blox Fruits, there are special fruits called devil fruits that grant the user various abilities.

However, eating devil fruit also makes the user unable to swim and vulnerable to a substance called Seastone.

In the Blox Fruits the Revive fruit rework as the Ghost fruit. It is a purple pear with a ghostly face and a swirl pattern. Further, it has three new abilities making it a powerful and versatile fruit.

Continue reading to learn about the Revive Fruit and how it is reworked.

The Revive Fruit In Blox Fruits

The Revive Fruit is a type of Blox Fruit that gives the user the ability to resurrect after death and use other soul-based abilities.

It is one of the most underrated fruits in the game, as it has great combo potential and can surprise the enemy.

However, it allows the user to revive themselves after death, as well as manipulate their soul and the souls of others.

The Revive fruit has very plain appearance, resembling a white apple with a swirl pattern.

Contrarily, the Revive fruit was one of the devil fruits available in the game.

the revive rework
 Revive fruit has great combo potential.

The Revive Fruit Rework In Blox Fruits

The Revive fruit was considered a weak and useless fruit by many players.

It had no offensive or defensive capabilities, and it could only be used once per life.

The Revive fruit had only one ability, which was to revive the user after death with a portion of their health and stamina restored.

Recently, the Revive rework as the Ghost fruit in the Blox Fruits with new abilities and a new appearance.

ability of revive rework
The Ghost Fruit provides you with new abilities.

The Ghost fruit is a new and improved version of the Revive fruit, which was one of the original fruits in Blox Fruits.

It is a rare and powerful fruit, as it has high damage, mobility, and utility.

Moreover, the Ghost fruit also has a new event associated with it, called the Ghost Event.

Generally, the Revive fruit is overpowering and unbalanced.

Thus, the motive of developers is to make the fruit more exciting and fun to use.

Contrarily, the Revive rework is a new patch in Update 20, released on October 31, 2023, to fit the Halloween theme of the update.

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The Abilities Of Ghost Fruit As Revive Fruit

The Ghost fruit has a more unique appearance, resembling a purple pear with a ghostly face and a swirl pattern.

The Ghost fruit has three abilities that make it a powerful and versatile fruit; they are:

1. Ghost Form

The first ability is Ghost Form, which allows the user to become a ghost and become intangible.

They will become invisible and immune to damage for a short duration.

Additionally, the user can fly and pass through walls while in Ghost Form, making it a great escape or infiltration tool.

2. Ghost Dash

The second ability is Ghost Dash, which allows the user to dash forward as a ghost and deal damage to anyone they pass through.

The user can also use Ghost Dash to travel faster and avoid obstacles.

ghost event blox fruits
The Revive rework is to fit the Halloween theme.

3. Ghost Revive

The third ability is Ghost Revive, which is similar to the Revive fruit’s ability, but with some differences.

The user can revive themselves after death without restoring their health and stamina.

Further, they will become a ghost with total stamina and half health.

The user can then use their ghost abilities to fight or flee, but they cannot interact with normal objects or people.

The user can revive normally by pressing R, but they will lose their ghost abilities for the rest of their life.

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The Bottom Line

The Ghost fruit is a significant improvement over the Revive fruit.

It offers a lot of new possibilities and challenges for Blox Fruits players.

Further, the user can use Ghost fruit for offence, defence, mobility, stealth, and survival.

Users can combine it with other fruits or weapons for more synergy.

In contrast, the Ghost fruit is a fun and festive fruit that fits the theme of Halloween, and it

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