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Know Everything About Twid 12/21/26 Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Twid 12/21/26 is full of secrets, loot, hardcore missions, quests, and numerous armours.

Moreover, Destiny 2 offers a lot and it is hard to decide which activities to pursue next.

Twid 12/21/26 is all about resets and rotations. Moreover, players will complete Seasonal Challenges, Loot, Presage Mission, Croat’s End Challenges, Exotic Mission and many more.
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An Overview Of Twid 12/21/26

Destiny2 has come up with weekly rituals that include quests, challenges, dungeons, and loot along with other various activities.

Similarly, This Week In Destiny 2 is the concept that comes with the weekly resets and rotations.

Nightfall Corrupted in Destiny 2
This week, the Nightfall Corrupted is featured.

However, the missions, challenges, and rewards have been reset in Destiny 2.

Players are ready to complete all the activities to level up their characters.

However, players can continue the other newest event at this time to earn rewards and complete the challenge to claim more resources and other items.

Here are some weekly reset times for most of the committed Destiny 2 players:

LocationReset Time
US Eastern12 pm.
US Western9 am.
British6 pm.
European7 pm.
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Twid 12/21/26: Quest And Rewards

The arrival of the Twid 12/21/26 has excited the communities.

Moreover, players are eager to explore more and complete challenges this week in Destiny2.

1. New Quest

This week along with the Wishing all the best quest, you need to complete a new quest.

Moreover, in this quest, you need to collect the chest, visit Petra Avenge and collect the Tincture of Queensfoil from Dreaming City.

2. Seasonal Challenges

There are over seven seasonal challenges and they are Wishseeker V, Dreamcrusher, Dragon Defender IV, and Neptune Activities.

Followed by Commendation Appreciation, Potenet Projectiles and the final challenge i.e Boss Battle.

3. Raid And Dungeons

Twid 12/21/26 features one of the best raids i.e. The Witch Queen: Vow of the Disciple.

Moreover, the Prophecy dungeon is back for which you need to open the Director and navigate to the Tower.

4. Mission Of The Week

This week’s featured mission is the Presage Mission for which you need to own the Beyond Light or the Season of the Order to access this mission.

Moreover, you will be rewarded with the Dead Man’s Tale, a Scout Rifle in Destiny 2.

5. Dares Of Eternity Loot

This loot offers weapons like Long Shadow, which is a Sniper Rifle and Gridskipper, and various other common and legendary weapons.

Moreover, it also includes the Season of the Lost Weapons, i.e., Vulpecula, WolfTone Draw, Canis Major, Legal Action II, etc.

Season of the Lost Weapon.
Vulpecula, Season of the Lost Weapon.

Raid Challenges In Twid 12/21/26

Here are some raid challenges that you can complete in Twid 12/21/26.

1. Equal Vessels

The Equal Vessels challenge in the Ir Yut encounter can offer more chances at grabbing loot from the Deathsinger.

Moreover, the easiest way to complete this challenge is to rotate the Chalice of Light buff in the same order.

Hence, all six players must rotate the Chalice of Light buff throughout the entire fight.

2. All Hands

The player must shoot one Light and one Dark node per damage phase to complete the All Hands challenge.

Hence, players must also complete both sides around the same time.

If not, then it will result in failure and your entire team need to restart the challenge.

The Bottom Line

Twid 12/21/26 offers different loot and allows you to equip specific weapons and armor.

Moreover, it provides you with different raid challenges and missions.

Players are ready to explore more this week in Destiny 2 and complete the weekly rituals. 

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