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FF7 Rebirth Businessperson: Get Your Protorelic Back

One of the most intriguing aspects of the FF7 Rebirth is the mystery of the businessperson.

Generally, there are four individuals who appear to be dead in an old Shinra warehouse but are actually hiding a secret.

Can you really wake them up and get your Protorelic back?

Continue reading to explore businessmen and how to wake them up and get your Protorelic back.

Businessperson In FF7 Rebirth

The businessmen in FF7 Rebirth are actually four thugs who stole a Protorelic from you.

They are part of Beck’s Badasses, a gang of troublemakers who like to cause chaos in the Grasslands.

Generally, they are playing dead because they fear fighting you and your allies.

They think that by pretending to be corpses, you will leave them alone and not notice the Protorelic they have.

However, you can expose their trick by dropping a sizeable yellow crate on them.

For that, you can use a switch near the warehouse entrance where they are hiding.

This will wake them up and trigger a battle with them and a Modded Sweeper.

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Wake Up The Businessmen In FF7 Rebirth

To wake up the businessmen in FF7 Rebirth and get your Protorelic back, you need to follow these steps:

1. The Old Shinra Warehouse

Go to the old Shinra warehouse in the Grasslands, where the businessmen are hiding.

It is an abandoned building belonging to the Shinra Electric Power Company.

You can fast travel to the marker east of Kalm, and then ride north to the end of the road.

You will see a sign that says “Shinra Warehouse” and a gate that leads to the warehouse.

businessmen ff7 rebirth
Businessmen are hiding in an old Shinra warehouse.

2. Enter The Warehouse

Enter the warehouse and find the switch near the entrance on the right side.

Once you enter the warehouse, you will see four bodies lying on the ground.

These businessperson stole your Protorelic, a device that can enhance your abilities and unlock new skills.

They are not really dead but pretending to be so to avoid fighting you.

To expose their trick, you must find a switch near the entrance on the right side of the warehouse.

It is a red lever that is attached to a metal pole.

Pulling the switch will release a large yellow crate from the ceiling that will fall on the businessmen and wake them up.

You will hear them scream and see them get up from the ground.

3. Fight The Businessmen And Modded Sweeper

The businessmen are actually four thugs who are part of Beck’s Badasses.

Significantly, they are armed with guns, knives, and grenades and have different abilities and weaknesses.

Their names are Beck, Burke, Butch, and Budge.

Moreover, they have a Modded Sweeper, a large robot that can shoot missiles, lasers, and flames.

The Modded Sweeper is very powerful but also very slow and vulnerable to lightning attacks.

Thus, you must use your skills, items, and strategy to defeat them and their Modded Sweeper.

wake up dead businessmen
Find a switch near the entrance on the right side of the warehouse.

4. Get Your Protorelic Back

After defeating them, pay 2,000 Gil to Beck to get your Protorelic back.

Once you have defeated the businessmen and their Modded Sweeper, you can pay 2,000 Gil to Beck to get your Protorelic back.

Generally, Gil is the currency in FF7 Rebirth, and you can earn it by completing quests, selling items, or winning battles.

Paying Beck will also complete the quest for Chadley.

Contrarily, he will reward you with a new Protorelic and some useful information.

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