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A Guide To Unlock Inferno Ending In Lords Of The Fallen

The Inferno Ending is one of the complex endings in the game Lords of The Fallen.

The ending in the game is determined by the player’s action, completing quests, and interacting with the environment and NPCs.

In Lords of the Fallen, to get to the Inferno Ending, you should not cleanse any beacon. However, you should defeat bosses who are protecting beacons.

Continue reading to learn more about the inferno endings in Lords of the Fallen.

What Is Inferno Ending In Lords Of The Fallen?

Inferno ending can be easy to achieve but needs a few extra steps to follow.

In Inferno Ending, you embrace Adyr’s teachings and become a powerful fallen lord.

You can then lead your forces out of Bramis Castle and into the world, where you wage war on Orius’s followers.

It brings the end of the Rhogar Empire.

Here, you don’t have to cleanse any of the beacons instead, you can just beat each of the bosses and leave the beacon alone.

Moreover, the beacons have been corrupted by an Adyr already.

Now, at each beacon, there is a contingent of enemies guarding them. 

However, you can defeat them or run past them to interact with the beacon.

Finally, using the empowered Rune of Adyr and interacting with Iselle will trigger the ending.

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How To Unlock The Inferno Ending?

To unlock Inferno ending in Lords of the Fallen, you must follow multiple steps.

Firstly, you must not cleanse any of the five beacons throughout the game.

If you cleanse any beacons, you’ll be locked out of this ending.

However, you can defeat the Colossal Sentinels boss that guards them to obtain Runes of Adyr.

You can collect Runes of Adyr from Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters to unlock the inferno ending.

Once you have collected all five Runes, talk to the NPC Remnant to give you the Empowered Rune of Adyr.

It is a more powerful version of the original rune.

With the Empowered Rune of Adyr, travel to Bramis Castle and defeat the Sundered Monarch.

Interacting with the beacon for Inferno Ending in Lords of the Fallen
Interacting with the beacon.

Once you defeat him, approach the Effigy of Adyr and place the rune in it.

This will cause the Effigy to transform into Judge Cleric Sentinal, a powerful boss that you must defeat.

After you defeat Judge Cleric, you can use Empowered Rune on Iselle, the high Cleric of the Rhogar Lords.

This will trigger the Inferno Ending, where you turn on Orius followers and side with Adyr.

Unlocked Lord Class In Inferno Ending 

Unlocking the Inferno Ending will reward you with the Lord class.

It is a powerful class that excels at both melee and magic combat, with many points in Inferno.

The class only starts the game at level 23, which gives it a significant advantage over other classes.

The lord class is a competent close-range fighter with new weapons and armor.

Unlocking new class after Inferno Ending.
Unlocking new class after Inferno Ending.

You get weapons like Lord Axe and Lord Catalyst with good defense and survivability.

The Lord class is versatile as it allows players to adapt their playstyle to different situations.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Inferno ending is one of the three endings in Lords of the Fallen.

It can be achieved by interacting with Iselle using the empowered Rune of Adyr.

Further, the most important thing to unlock the Inferno ending is to avoid cleansing any of the beacons throughout the game.

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