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Legacy Badge Customization In Phasmophobia: Complete Guide

Legacy Badge in Phasmophobia is a newly added feature after the recent ascension update.

It serves as a token of recognition for the players playing from the early access.

Legacy Badge Customization can be done immediately after opening the game after the ascension update. You can customize the Badge based on color, Background and Accent.

This article talks about the Legacy Badge, its Customization and its issues in Phasmophobia.

What Is Legacy Badge in Phasmophobia?

Legacy Badges in Phasmophobia are one of the cool features the game has added after the recent update.

It is a way for the game developers to express their genuine appreciation to the players who have been there throughout game development.

In addition, after the update, the level of players has reset to level one to ensure that all new players start from the same base.

The old players receive a Badge with their previous level, which can be customized.

Furthermore, after finishing the customization, the player’s character will display the Badge.

Once the character’s arm displays the Legacy Badge, there is nothing more to do after that.

However, it is an intriguing little feature that highlights players’ previous progress in the game.

Note: Keep in mind that the Legacy Badge is Permanent. Once you customize and save it, you cannot return and make any changes unless you find bugs in your Badge.

How To Customize Legacy Badge?

Moment players launch the game, they can customize the Legecy Badge in Phasmophobia.

As you read through the intro, players will reach the screen where they can customize the Badge according to the option available.

Legacy Badge customization
Players can navigate into this Legacy Badge customization immediately after launching the game.

Furthermore, players can only see the customization option based on pre-level.

Those who started the game recently can only see one or two options.

Meanwhile, players with the 5000 level have more options available.

Players get the three categories to customize the Legacy Badge in Phasmophobia.

Here are those three categories:

1. Color

Color can be effortless to obtain compared to the other two.

They are obtained after every 10-level player advances.

So, players can get many colors if they are high-level.

For everyone to see your Badge, we recommend you change the color of your Legacy Badge.

Color will change the level number and the border around your Badge to be an Accent.

2.  Background 

The second option the player gets is background, which displays some pattern on the Badge.

However, they are a little tricky to obtain because it unlocks every 100 level.

It is an image of in-game items, scenes and symbols.

3. Accents

Everyone who joins the game gets one accent.

However, to obtain other accents are obtained in every 1000 levels.

In the First 1000 level, everyone gets stars, and from 1000 to 2000, players will get skull Accents.

So, to get cool accents, players have to level up.

Players can experiment by combining color, background, and accent to make a Cool Badge.

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Customization Issues With The Legacy Badge

This update is significant and new for the game, so bugs are inevitable.

Some players report that they cannot choose the top customization setting despite being at a higher level before the update.

Additionally, many players report this problem on Phasmophovia’s official Discord Channel.

In state that the developers are currently working on the hotfix.

Meanwhile, they have said that players can still save the Legacy Badge and play the game.

The Bottom Line

This update helped the game to return the player who had left due to the Legacy Badge.

The player can experiment with the Customization and find the perfect badge for their level.

Once you have done customizing the Badge, you can not change it.

Therefore, take your time to make your Legacy Badge stand out the most.

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