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Find The Bandit Camp In Diablo 4: A Detailed Walkthrough

Diablo 4 is an action role-playing game with a vast and dynamic open world full of quests, dungeons, and enemies.

The Swamp’s Protection is one of the side quests that involve helping a healer and her infected friends.

To find the Bandit Camp in Diablo 4, complete the side quest The Swamp’s Protection, talk to Timue, deliver her supplies to three infected people, and then go to the Forsaken Coast.

This article will guide you through finding the Bandit Camp responsible for the infection and completing the quest objectives and rewards.

No matter which class you choose, this walkthrough will easily show you tips to handle the bandits.

What Is Bandit Camp In Diablo 4?

Bandit Camp is a location part of a side quest called The Swamp’s Protection in the Hawezar region.

It is a place where the bandits have set up their base and stored the medicine they have stolen from the Swamp.

hawezar location diablo 4
Map of Hawezar in the Diablo 4.

In this quest, you must help a woman named Timue, who lives in the Blightmarsh and delivers medicine to the infected people.

Besides, it involves delivering supplies, finding three infected people, and killing the bandits who attacked them.

You have to fight them off and find their camp where you can eliminate them for good.

Where To Find The Bandit Camp In Diablo 4?

The Bandit Camp is in the Forsaken Coast area, northeast of Raldin’s location.

Furthermore, you can use a mount to get there faster and avoid enemies along the way.

location of bandit camp
The red icon marks the Bandit Camp on the map.

A red icon marks the Bandit Camp on your map so you can follow it easily.

Further, once you get there, you must kill all the bandits in the camp and then return to Timue to finish the quest.

How To Find The Bandit Camp In Diablo 4?

The Bandit Camp is a part of a side quest called The Swamp’s Protection in Diablo 4.

Here are the steps to find the Bandit Camp in Diablo 4.

  1. Start the side quest, The Swamp’s Protection, by speaking to Timue in Blightmarsh.
  2. Open Timue’s Chest behind her and pick up Timue’s Supplies.
timue diablo 4
Open Timue’s Chest behind her in Diablo 4.
  1. Now, find Baridan, Duraya and Raldin within the Blightmarsh.
  2. Speak to them, give them Timu’s supplies, and then kill the bandits attacking Raldin and talk to him again.
  3. Find the Bandit Camp in Exile’s Heap, northeast of Ralden’s location and then kill all the bandits in the camp.
kill the bandits to find Bandit camp
Kill all the bandits in the camp.

Afterward, return to Timue, talk to her and get your rewards.

Rewards After Finding The Bandit Camp

You will get rewards after finding the Bandit Camp and completing The Swamp’s Protection quest. 

Here are the primary rewards with their benefits.

  • Renown: Region Renown, a currency that can unlock various features and benefits in each region, such as mounts, vendors and world bosses. 
  • Gold: The main currency, Gold can be used to buy items, repair equipment, craft materials and more. It depends on the character’s level.
  • Experience: This is the measure of your character’s progress and level. You need the experience to level up and unlock new skills, talents and attributes.
  • Item Reward: Herb Cache, a container holding various herbs that can be used for crafting potions and other items. Potions can restore your health, ama or other resources.
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The Bottom Line

Finding the Bandit Camp is one of the many side quests that Diablo 4 offers to enrich the gameplay.

Moreover, the quest is relatively easy and straightforward for exploring the Blightmarsh and Exiles’ Heap areas.

Hopefully, the above guide helps you to find the Bandit Camp in Diablo 4 and complete the quest.

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