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FISA In Ready Or Not: The Evolution Of The Law Enforcement

In Ready or Not, FISA stands for the Federal Investigation and Security Agency.

It is a fictional organization created for the game’s narrative.

However, some players are unhappy with the name change, finding it confusing or unnecessary.

In Ready or Not, FISA replaces the real-world FBI in the game’s narrative, adding a broader perspective to law enforcement activities. Theories suggest legal concerns, a desire for narrative flexibility, and marketing strategies as potential reasons for the switch.

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FISA In Ready Or Not

Unlike the real-world FBI, FISA is a made-up entity tailored for the game’s universe.

FISA operates at a national level, dealing with threats that extend beyond city limits.

The agency adds a broader perspective to the storyline, hinting at a world beyond the in-game city of Los Sueños.

And also showcasing the interconnected nature of criminal activities.

They also contribute to the game’s narrative and offer a broader perspective on law enforcement activities.

Players generally haven’t taken too kindly to the change.

The FISA acronym, referring to a real-world law, feels clunky and confusing, especially compared to the clear-cut HRT.

The presence of other real-world agencies like BORTAC and US Marshals further fuels the confusion.

Supporter edition buyers who specifically wanted the HRT skin feel misled and disappointed.

what FISA is
A player questioning what FISA is on the Reddit platform.

Many players are expressing dissatisfaction, finding the change confusing and unnecessary.

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Theories On The Change Of FISA

Players speculate that the change may be due to concerns about copyright issues related to using the real-world name FBI.

The shift might be to balance realism while avoiding direct associations with a real law enforcement agency.

There’s a theory that the introduction of FISA could be part of a broader narrative expansion.

Moreover, this allows the developers to explore new storylines or criminal activities beyond the scope of the FBI.

FISA patch to an FBI
This mod changes the flag and FISA patch to an FBI.

Players suggest that using a fictional agency like FISA could make the game more globally inclusive.

This also avoids a focus on a specific country’s law enforcement agency.

The change could also be a measure to avoid controversy, especially considering the sensitive nature of law enforcement themes.

This might be a deliberate marketing strategy to generate discussion and anticipation among players, sparking interest.

The shift to FISA aimed at creating a distinct and unique world, allowing for more creative freedom in shaping the game’s universe.

Hence, some players suggest that community feedback or preferences could have influenced the decision.

Developers may have considered player opinions in making the change.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, FISA is a fictional federal agency that serves a role similar to the real-world FBI.

Unfortunately, the developers haven’t officially come clean about the reason behind the switch.

This lack of transparency adds to the frustration and speculation within the community.

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