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Scroll Wubba Wubba In WOW: A Complete Guide

Players need to search for the Wubba Wubba scroll in the World of Warcraft for rewards.

There are various types of scrolls in World of Warcraft, among which this scroll is the mysterious one.

Wubba Wubba scroll in the World of Warcraft game is a magic scroll that players need to decipher in order to get the magic it contains. 
Continue reading more about the Wubba Wubba scrolls in WOW.

What Is A Scroll In The World Of Warcraft?

A scroll is a game item that players can obtain and contains certain hidden messages to decipher.

Moreover, some scrolls may provide you with different types of magic and abilities.

However, few of the scrolls in World of Warcraft have specific messages, such as quest hints.

Similarly, some scroll abilities can be shared between all party members, while some have only individual effects.

Finding Scroll
Players find the scroll in WOW.

Additionally, players can get scrolls from the drops by bosses, and they have a maximum of 20 stack sizes.

Furthermore, few players can create their own scrolls using the Inscription profession skills.

In the same way, the following are a few of the scrolls that players can get:

  • Scroll of Protection VII
  • Scroll of Intellect VIII
  • Scroll of Agility
  • Runescroll of Fortitude
  • Scrolls of Recall

What Is Wubba Wubba Scroll?

The Wubba Wubba scroll in the World of Warcraft is an item that provides certain abilities to the players.

In the same way, this scroll has an item level of 20 and falls into the Mage class category.

Moreover, the Wubba Wubba scrolls are a consumable item and have a sale price of 15 copper coins.

Similarly, players can decipher this scroll using the Decipher Scroll spell and Comprehension Charm.

Additionally, players can get this scroll from the drops made by the following enemy bosses:

  • Shadethicket Wood Shaper
  • Dalaran Conjuror
  • Bristleback Geomancer
  • Defias Strip Miner
  • Great Goretusk
  • Hecklefang Hyena
  • Mountain Buzzard
  • Murloc Oracle
  • Witchwing Slayer

Furthermore, all these bosses have different levels, and players have to find them at various locations.

What Is Decipher Scroll Spell?

Decipher Scroll spell is a spell that allows players to decipher the messages hidden in the scrolls.

In the same way, you can get this spell free of cost, with a cast time of 3 seconds.

Similarly, this spell has an effect value of 1 and a PVP Multiplier value of 1.

Using Spell
Players using Spell in WOW.

Additionally, the cast time is hidden from others, and the cooldown time of this spell is not specified.

Moreover, this spell requires a Comprehension Charm as a reagent for players to use it.

Furthermore, players can use this spell to decipher the following other scrolls:

  • Omit Kesa Scroll
  • Sthenic Lunate Scroll
  • Voce Well Scroll

Comprehension Charm In WOW

Comprehension Charm is an item in WOW that assists Decipher Scroll spells to translate scrolls.

Similarly, this charm has an item level of 1, costing 6 silver and 30 copper coins to 7 silver and 36 copper coins.

Additionally, players can buy this item from various item vendors, such as Horthus, Keldric Boucher, etc.

Moreover, you can also get this charm as a reward for finding various books and items for Research Mages.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Wubba Wubba scroll can give players unique magic abilities and is easily accessible from boss drops.

Moreover, players can use the Decipher Scroll spell along with the Comprehension Charm to decipher this scroll.

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