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How To Trigger Astarion Bite Scene?

Many players are curious to know how to trigger the Astarion bite scene.

Players can participate in romantic events with Companions, including Astarion, in the game.

Players can trigger an Astarion bite scene in their Campsite after the dream suddenly wakes them up. Moreover, players must not refuse the companion’s approach of sucking the blood in the conversation; or Astarion will flee to the jungle.

Cominue Reading to know the process to trigger bite science with Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who Is Astarion?

Astarion is one of the vampire companions in BG3.

Initially, players can find the character at the beach in Nautiloid.

Astarion belongs to the Rogue Class and Half-elf subrace.

The companion has Dexterity as its critical ability.

Further, players can begin to involve him in the Plae Elf Quest.

If players begin the quest, they will have Astration as their companion.

While processing through the game, players can trigger the Astrarion bite scene to gain a unique ability.

Players can receive Vampire Bite if they opt to support Astarion so he regains his strength.

However, players must allow the bisexual vampire to suck their blood.

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Triggering Astarion Bite Scene

Players can see Astraion in the base camp after a few long rests.

Initially, players must keep the Shadowheart cautious and select the knife option after the first long rest. 

Further, players should avoid the Devil’s interaction and complete the insight and persuasion checks respectively.

Then, after having the second and third illithid dreams, the player suddenly wakes up in the camp.

Astraion looks like he is trying to kill the players by biting the neck.

how to trigger astarion bite scene
Astarion trying to suck the blood.

However, players can opt to assist him after knowing the reality of Astarion, being a vampire.

But first, players must complete the persuasion check.

After the check, Players will feel a nuisance and something beneath the mind.

Further, Players must select the Why didn’t you tell me option to progress through the event.

how to trigger astarion bite scene
Select the first option.

After interacting with Astarion for a while, ensure to answer Astarion’s question positively.

This will trigger the Astarion Bite scene in the camp.

Astarion bite
Trigger Astarion Bite Scene.

Further, to stop Astarion from sucking the player’s blood, ensure to use the Charisma Persuasion Check.

This will help the Astarion clear his mind and head towards the jungle to hunt the animals to fulfill himself.

Prior to that, players will obtain the Vampire Bite to have a significant advantage on the battlefield.

This will allow players to pursue abilities according to their class, race and sub-classes.

The action has a 1.5 m range and helps to regain 2D4 hit points.

The Bottom Line

Players can trigger the Astarion bite scene in the Campsite after having him as a companion.

Moreover, players will obtain a unique ability if they agree to help Astarion suck their neck’s blood.

Otherwise, players can ignore Astartion’s approach or even kill him in the event.

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