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How To Get To Desecrated Relief In BG3?

In BG3, The Desecrated Relief is a statue on the wall that tells you about The Grand Designs, order, perfection, and unity. 

It contacts you once again in a cutscene, explaining that the meaning of Grand design is the restoration of the Mind Flayer Empire.

This statue is located in the Mind Flayer Colony, where a puzzle stands between the players and the statue.

In order to get to the Desecrated Relief in BG3, players need to solve the Mind Puzzle in the Mind Flayer Colony.

Continue reading this article to learn more about Desecrated Relief, its location and how to solve the Mind Flayer Puzzle.

Location Of Desecrated Relief

The Desecrated Relief is an important landmark that lies deep inside the Mind Flayer Colony.

In order to get to this colony, players must get into Ketheric Thorm’s boss fight.

This is because the colony can be accessed only after reaching phase 2 of this boss fight. 

To get inside the colony, players must enter through the Hollow Tower, which can be accessed after completing Ketheric’s first phase.

Puzzle Location In BG3
Find the Necrotic Labrotary in the map.

After you enter the tower, you can access the Mind Flayer Colony and the Mind Puzzle.

For convenience, the Necrotic Laboratory is located on the west side of the map.

Players should travel to the end of the first hallway to get to the lab or enter the next room beside the Morgue.

Taking this route will lead players to the puzzle area of the map, which is the last obstacle before reaching the Desecrated Relief.

The Desecrated Relief lies across the giant hole of the Necrotic laboratory, which features the Mind Puzzle.

Players must solve this puzzle to unlock a platform leading to the Desecrated Relief.

How To Solve The Mind Puzzle?

In order to solve the Mind Puzzle, players must be present inside the Necrotic Lab.

Then, they should interact with the greenish console in order to activate the puzzle’s layout.

Doing so will summon a labyrinth of floating nodes in the air that glows in different colors.

Soon, it is revealed that each of the colors represents a component of the mind.

Each of these components has unique icons that the players need to interconnect.

For example, the Emotion (yellow) icon on the right must be connected to the left-side icon.

Players should match all of these icons with each other without interrupting other nodes to solve the puzzle.

Mind Puzzle
Mind Puzzle Before Desecrated Relief.

Here is a quick guide on how to solve each of these components:

  • Emotion (Yellow): The yellow node will link to the last emotion node on the opposite end from the outside left edge.
  • Speech (Blue): The blue node will link at the top, go to the right, and then move ahead to connect with the Speech node.
  • Memory (Green): To get to the Memory node, the green node travels from the right, then across the middle, and finally back to the left.
  • Reason(Pink): The pink node will join all other nodes together until they reach the other end.

Completing this puzzle will unlock a secret door at the outskirts of the hole.

Follow this path until you see a giant white statue on the wall, the Desecrated Relief.

Rewards For Reaching Desecrated Relief

Players can collect two rewards after solving the Mind puzzle: Waking Mind and The Blade Of Oppressed Souls.

Click on the skeleton on the ground(next to previous rewards) to get more loot.

Rewards In Desecrated Relief
Collect the rewards in Desecrated Relief.

The skeleton has Brain drain Gloves/ Inchorus Gloves, a Circlet of Metal Anguish/ Helmet of Smiting and a Dagger.

These are all the rewards that can be collected at the Desecrated Relief.

The Bottom Line

The Mind Puzzle is one of the most challenging puzzles in the game, located inside the Mind Flayer Colony.

Compared to PC players, those using controllers often find this puzzle hard because of the restricted movement offered by analog sticks.

However, finding the right puzzle guide beforehand can help them to save a lot of time.

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