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Why Fortnite Chapter 5 Sucks?

Fortnite Chapter 5 is live after its release on December 3, 2023 offering exciting updates.

However, some players say that Fortnite Chapter 5 sucks due to a dull gaming experience.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Sucks due to terrible movement, unequippable attachments, map selection, FPS fluctuations, and lousy loot pool.

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Fortnite Chapter 5

The Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground has some exclusive inclusions, including the new Island, guns, and vehicles.

Players must face the ferocious. Enemy Valeria in the Secret Society by taking assistance from the Island’s train.

Other bosses include Oscar, Nisha, Montague, and the fan-favorite character from The Family Guy: Peter Griffin.

fortnite season 5
Players can face Peter Griffin in The Society.

Players can collect Social Medallions by defeating the bosses in areas including Rebel’s Roost and Reckless Railways.

To gain an advantage over enemies, players can use the new season SUV, Grandeur Trialmaster, which gives flashbacks of the G-Wagen.

Moreover, to protect themselves from potent bosses, players can use the ballistic shield, which includes a gun.

Players who are not fans of default weapons can modify their weapons using the Mod Benches.

The New Chapter also includes items such as Flowberry, Shield Potion, and a new Medkit.

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Fortnite Chapter 5 Sucks: Major Reasons 

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground may have some exciting changes and addition, but it sucks due to the following reasons;

1. Terrible Movement

The majority of the fans are unhappy with the Epic Game’s movement Mechanics and are raging Season 5 Movement sucks.

Instead of making the moment smoother, the developers have gone too far and made it sluggish and slow.

fortnite season 5 movement sucks
The new movement feels terrible and slow.

Players can see the vast difference between heading straight, moving, and crouching sideways.

However, while sprinting and coming backward, players won’t see much of a difference, but are still notable.

Players face difficulty adding a realistic touch to movement, and adjusting may take a lot of time.

Moreover, players cannot Sprint By Default or make a heavy acceleration in the combat zone.

2. Unequippable Attachments

Chapte5 5 has added a few exciting guns, which can be upgraded using the attachments.

However, when players get any gun, the attachments, including the scope, automatically attach to it.

Moreover, players cannot even detach the scope or other gun attachments.

3. Map Selection

Players had high hopes for this season after the improvement and changes in Season OG.

Players expected exciting OG or creative maps, but the developers only added The Society.

4. FPS Drops

The Fortnite Season 5 has excellent animations compared to last season but has affected many users.

Most players who could run the game over 150 FPS are getting Lower FPS.

Moreover, the FPS are fluctuating, making the game sluggish and unplayable.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite Season 5 has a few exciting changes and improvements, but many players are not big fans of either.

Players have claimed all new changes, including the train, POI, and mechanism, are copied from Apex Legends and COD: Warzone.

Overall, in search of a higher gaming experience, Epic Games made the game overcomplicated with unnecessary additions.

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