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Warsong Gulch Vendor: Easy Access Guide

Warsong Gulch is a battleground in World of Warcraft where Horde and Alliance teams battle in a 10v10 competition.

There is a vendor in the battleground who sells useful items.

However, players are finding it difficult to reach the vendor.

To access the Warsong Gulch vendor, go to Mor’shan Base Camp for Horde or Silverwing Grove for Alliance, located near the battleground entrance, and ensure you have the required reputation by winning battles.

Continue reading to explore the Warsong Gulch vendor and the process of finding it in WoW.

What Is Warsong Gulch Vendor In WoW?

In World of Warcraft, Warsong Gulch is a battleground where two factions, Horde and Alliance, clash.

Further, they battle in a 10v10 capture-the-flag competition.

Each side aims to grab the opponent’s flag and bring it back to their base to score points.

To enhance your character, there’s a vendor located near the battleground entrance.

These vendors offer special items, like consumables and a distinctive tabard, as rewards for your faction loyalty.

However, you can only see these items when you’ve earned enough reputation with Warsong Gulch.

Reputation is earned by participating in and winning battles.

At the moment, these vendors provide items from the original list.

However, additional rewards introduced in a later game phase will become available.

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Warsong Gulch Vendor Location In WoW

Follow this guide to reach the Warsong Gulch vendor successfully:

Firstly, you must identify whether you’re part of the Horde or Alliance.

Because each faction has its own specific location for Warsong Gulch.

Visit Mor’shan Base Camp (Horde)

If you’re Horde, head to Mor’shan Base Camp, situated just south of the Ashenvale-Barrens border.

The Horde vendor in Warsong Gulch is Kelm Hargunth.

The Mor'shan Rampart for Horde vendor
Visit the Mor’shan Base Camp and find the vendor for Horde.

Visit Silverwing Grove (Alliance)

For Alliance members, journey to Silverwing Grove, located in south-central Ashenvale.

Moreover, the Alliance vendor is Illiyana Moonblaze.

Furthermore, at both locations, find the entrance to Warsong Gulch.

This is where you’ll initiate battles and encounter the Warsong Gulch vendor.

Near the battleground entrance, you can find the vendor who provides special rewards for your loyalty.

Access The Warsong Gulch Vendor

Further, you can approach the vendor and check your reputation status.

If you see “What items have I earned the right to purchase?” you’re good to go.

You must ensure that your reputation status is at least Neutral to access the vendor’s offerings.

Moreover, you can actively engage in Warsong Gulch battles to earn reputation points for your faction.

kelm vendor warsong
Players can buy useful stuff from the vendor.

Once your reputation is sufficient, you can explore the vendor’s inventory.

As your reputation grows from Neutral to Honored and beyond, the vendor unlocks new consumables and a distinctive tabard for you.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, players can visit the Warsong Gulch vendor near the battleground entrance to amp up their character.

They offer stuff like consumables and a special tabard, but you need enough reputation to unlock them.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to locate and access the vendor in WoW.

Happy Gaming!

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