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Fortnite Festival Duel: Explore The New Mode

Some information has been leaked suggesting that new game modes are coming in Fortnite Festival, Chapter 5 Season 1.

However, this leaked information has brought excitement within the gaming community.

Duel is the upcoming mode in the Fortnite Festival where two players compete with each other in a musical performance. Hence, this mode challenges players to showcase their skills against others.

Continue reading to learn more about the Duel mode in Fortnite Festival.

An Overview Of Fortnite Festival Modes

Fortnite Festival is an event in Fortnite where players can perform various new challenges in different game modes.

Moreover, Fortnite Festival features two modes, i.e., Main Stage and Jam Stage.

Similarly, this ever-evolving battle royale game is getting three additional game sub-modes in the Fortnite Festival.

 musical journey at the Fortnite
Players can now participate and start their musical journey at the Fortnite Festival.

Moreover, as stated in leaked information, Epic Games will introduce Duel, Arena, and Music Battle at the Fortnite Festival.

Players can participate in upcoming modes in the game that best suit their preferences and have a unique experience.

Hence, players are wildly enthusiastic about new modes in the Fortnite Festival and are waiting for this mode to be released.

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What Is Duel Mode: How Does It Work?

Duel Mode is the new mode that is going to be added to the Fortnite Festival which is stirring up excitement and speculation around the community.

As named, two players might compete with each other during the Duel mode.

Fortnite Festival Leaks Suggest Three New Modes
Fortnite Festival Leaks suggest three new modes coming including a Duel mode.

There is the possibility that it will arrange two-player competitions and a one-to-one challenge between them. 

Hence, the Duel mode will be available within the Fortnite Festival as soon as possible.

How Does Duel Mode In Fortnite Festival Work?

Upon participating in the Fortnite Festival in Duel Mode, players must select a song they will likely perform.

After selecting a song, both players must choose the same instruments to perform and to compete with each other.

Hence, there is the possibility that players may use classic Guitar Hero and Rock Band variants in face-off, 1v1 matches.

In Fortnite Festival, to select an instrument, press the button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Players can also check on the item shop for some other instruments.

However, after selecting a song and an instrument, the player with the highest score would likely be the winner.

While performing, players must perform gracefully and stunningly as the main motive is to be announced as the winner of this battle.

The Bottom Line

Players can participate in different modes in the Fortnite Festival.

The leak has undoubtedly united the Fortnite gaming community in anticipation.

Hence, players are now eagerly waiting for an official statement from the developers to know the release date of these modes.

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