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Survive In Fortnite: Attain The Unreal Rank Skin

In Fortnite, players can access beautiful skin by reaching the coveted Unreal Rank.

Similarly, players can now attain one of the rarest skins upon reaching the Unreal Rank in Fortnite.

In Fortnite, players can unlock the Epic Zeni skin by reaching the coveted unreal Rank until the end of the season. Similarly, players who have already reached Unreal Rank can acquire skin in the new chapter of Fortnite.

Continue reading to learn more about the Fortnite Unreal Rank Skin.

Reaching Unreal Rank In Fortnite

Unreal Rank is the highest Rank in Fortnite, which requires dedication and extreme gaming skills to reach.

So, if you are new to Fortnite, reaching the Unreal Rank might be challenging and take time.

However, you don’t need to worry, as there’s a strategic approach to reaching the Unreal Rank in Fortnite.

Players can reach the Unreal Rank by surviving through each game and hiding in some of the secret places.

Surviving in the game is one of the fastest routes to achieving the Unreal Rank, so players should focus on staying alive longer.

So, it would be best to look for some of the hiding spots for survival that players can use to stay alive for a more extended period in the game.

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Best Hiding Spot For Survival

Hiding spot lets players survive and stay alive for longer in the game.

Here is the list of some hiding spots for survival:

1. Tomato Temple Sanctuary

It is one of the optimal hiding spots for players to survive in the game.

Head to the Tomato temple and take a roundabout to enter the temple.

Tomato Temple In Fortnite
Players can hide inside the tomato temple and survive in the game.

Upon entering, destroy the wall with the axe and jump through to reveal the secret hiding spot.

2. Factory Near Dusty Divot

Another best hiding spot is the factory near the Dusty Divot.

Players need to pickaxe two walls and create a discreet hole strategically.

Hide In Dusty Divot and get fortnite unreal rank skin
A player can hide inside the Dusty Divot to survive in the game.

Enter the hole to hide during the gameplay and observe the battlefield without risk.

3. Paradise Pal’s Rocky Refuge

Besides, players can also find the best hiding spot by traveling to the Paradise Pal’s Rocky Refuge.

Similarly, find the small rock at the top of the Paradise pal and hide inside to enhance your chance of survival.

Hide In Paradise Palms and get Fortnite unreal rank skin
A player can hide inside the Paradise Palms.

Hide yourself properly and observe the battlefield below to survive in the game and reach the Unreal Rank.

Fortnite Unreal Rank: Unlock the Epic Zeni Skin

As you have survived through each game, after some games, you can now enter the Unreal Rank in Fortnite.

Beginner players must find several hiding spots to survive in the dangerous world of Fortnite and reach the Unreal Rank.

Similarly, as you progress and survive in each game, you will finally reach the Unreal Rank in Fortnite.

Upon reaching the Unreal Rank, players are rewarded with the Epic Zeni Skin, which they can use to enhance their character appearance.

However, players must remember that they cannot instantly wear the epic zeni skin after reaching the Unreal Rank.

Instead, it only becomes accessible for players during the new chapter of the Fortnite game, Chapter 5.

So, players who reached the Unreal Rank in the OG season of Fortnite can access the Epic Zeni Skin in Chapter 5.

The Bottom Line

Players must endure Fortnite’s competitive nature before reaching the Unreal Rank.

Similarly, players can only unlock the Zeni Skin by reaching the Unreal Rank in Fortnite, which requires strategic game planning.

In Summary, if players have reached the Unreal Rank in OG season, they can use the coveted Zeni Skin in Chapter 5. 

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