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How To Complete Upto Level 20 In Fortnite Zoo Escape 2?

In Fortnite, players are finding it difficult to reach level 20 of the Zoo Escape 2 event.

In Zoo Escape 2, you must enter into the cages of animals and then escape out of the cage to progress the levels.

To reach level 20 in the Zoo Escape 2 event in Fortnite, you must escape from the cages of sloth, donkey, sheep, swan, monkey, horse, seal, and more animals. Finally, you will reach the cage of a red fox that you must escape to complete level 20.

Continue reading to find out more about how to complete level 20 in Fortnite Zoo Escape 2.

What Is The Zoo Escape 2 Event In Fortnite?

Zoo Escape 2 is a new event in Fortnite that gives players a fun experience to roam the wild.

Furthermore, the Zoo Escape 2 event includes new animals and puzzles for the players.

In this event, you must go into the cage of each animal and try to escape their cage.

In addition, the Zoo Escape 2 in Fortnite has 30 new unique levels that you must complete.

However, the levels and animals vary from players due to change of the map code.

Enter zoo in zoo escape 2
You must enter the zoo to complete all 30 levels in the Zoo Escape 2 Fortnite event.

Besides, you will find new animated animals at each level of the Zoo.

Hence, your task in this event is to solve all of the puzzles and explore the animals in the zoo.

To begin your adventure of escaping the zoo at Fortnite you must enter through a huge gate by opening the lock.

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How To Complete Upto Level 20 In Zoo Escape 2?

There are 30 different animals in the zoo that you must find by entering the cage.

Next, after you spot the animal you must escape from their cages to move onto the next level.

Here is a detailed explanation of each level to reach level 20 in the Zoo Escape 2 event by using 3927-2422-9481 map code.

1. Complete Level 1: Sloth 

The first level of the Zoo Escape 2 is to enter a cage of a sloth.

Once you spot the sloth, you must escape out of the cage to complete the level.

Additionally, you will find a board that describes the characteristics of the animal in each cage.

2. Complete Level 2: Donkey

Next, you must enter the cage of the donkeys which is beside the cage of the sloth.

Once you find the donkeys you must escape the cage of the donkeys to complete level 2.

3. Complete Level 3: Sheep

The third level of the event is to enter a cage full of sheep read the board then escape out of it.

While entering all the cages, it is necessary to collect information about the animals by reading the board inside each cage.

4. Complete Level 4: Swans

To complete level 4 of the Zoo escape event, you must enter and escape a cage with a lake full of swans.

Next, you must swim through the lake find a key at the shore, and use it to open the gate to escape the swan cage.

Hence, you will reach level 5 of the event which is the cage of monkeys.

5. Complete Level 5: Monkeys

Read the information about monkeys and jump higher to the platforms to reach a bridge in the cage.

To complete level 5, you must jump to the top and then jump out of the monkey cage to escape it.

6. Complete Level 6: Horse

After you jump out of the monkey cage you will enter the cage of horses which is the sixth level of the event.

Furthermore, escaping from the cage of the horse is very easy as it is not locked.

So get through the gate in the horse cage to reach a new cage full of seals.

7. Complete Level 7: Seal

You can read about the seals on the board and then start the escaping process.

Escaping the seal’s cage and completing level 7 can be a little tricky as you can see no gate in the cage.

Hence, you must dive deep into the pond and swim underneath the large rock to escape the seal’s cage.

8. Complete Level 8: Komodo Dragon

When you come out of the water from seal’s cage you will enter the cage of a Komodo dragon.

To complete level 8 you just need to pass through a bar from swimming underneath it.

9. Complete Level 9: Goat

In level 9, you will enter the cage beside the Komodo dragons to spot goats.

To escape the goat cage, you must retrieve a key hanging on the wooden cage.

Thus, use the key to step into level 10 of the event where you will enter the cage of eagles.

10. Complete Level 10: Eagle

You can collect many collectibles from the nest of the eagle in level 10.

Hence, the eagle itself will help you to break the cage and escape from it.

11. Complete Level 11: Armadillo 

In level 11, you will reach the cage of an Armadillo which you can escape by pressing open door options hidden in the rock.

Hence, you will reach the cage of a rhino which is level 12 of the Fortnite Zoo Escape event.

12. Complete Level 12: Rhino

The escape point of the rhino is a small puddle of water but the rhino blocks it by sitting in the puddle.

So, you must pick up fibrous herbs and put them into the food container of the rhino.

This will cause the Rhino to stand up and go to the food container to eat.

Hence, you can escape from the puddle of water and step into the cage of Beaver which is level 13.

13. Complete Level 13: Beaver

To escape the Beaver cage you must chop down wood and build a ramp to get out of the cage.

Next, you will reach the cage of a dolphin which is full of a large pond.

14. Complete Levels 14 And 15: Dolphin And Ocra

To escape the dolphin cage you must play the dolphin tricks by jumping out of all the rings in the pond.

Hence, this will open the cage and you will reach level 15 which is the cage of an Ocra.

To escape the Ocra cage you must enter a code that will get you out of the aquarium.

15. Complete Levels 16 And 17: Alpacas And Rabbits

In level 16, you will enter a cage of alpacas that you can escape by hitting a wooden box with a cross symbol on it.

Similarly, you will get into a cage of rabbits on level 17 where you will find nests with a lot of eggs.

You must open one of the eggs in the nest to get a key to open the door of the rabbit cage.

16. Complete Levels 18 And 19: Wild Boar And Moles

When you unlock the rabbit’s door using the key you will reach level 18 which is the cage of the wild boar.

To escape the Wild boar cage, you must hit the wild boars from behind which will trigger them.

Hence, they will start to run blindly and start crashing into the cage.

Thus, this will break the cage and you will get a new escape road to level 19.

Level 19 of the zoo is the cage of the moles that you can escape easily by moving underneath the ground.

17. Complete Level 20: Fox

Escaping out of the burrow of the mole cage will take you to level 20.

In level 20, you will enter the cage of a red fox which is full of trees and grass.

Furthermore, you can spot the red fox lying on the platform near the information board.

Escaping the Fox cage is a little tricky as the exit door is difficult to spot.

Fox level 20 zoo escape 2
To escape the Fox cage you just need to pull the level handing on the trees.

In addition, as the fox cage is full of trees you must wander around a bit to find an exit handle.

You can find the exit handle in one of the trees that you can pull down to escape the fox cage.

Hence, escaping the fox cage will complete level 20 of the Zoo Escape 2 in Fortnite.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite not only presents significant challenges but also provides different adventures for its players.

During the Zoo Escape Adventure in Fortnite, players can spot the Fox at level 20 and learn about its features.

If players want to encounter other animals.; they must extract another map code

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