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Deep Cover Or Delivering Devils: Which To Choose In Starfield?

Delivering Devils and Deep Cover are two faction quests in Starfield that can cause some players to wonder if they can do both.

As Starfield is about exploring the numerous locations and missions, players must complete faction quests to progress through.

Players can do Delivering Devils and Deep Cover regardless of which they choose first. However, doing the Deep Cover first will take them to the same place as Delivering Devils.

This article will discuss what Delivering Devils and Deep Cover is in Starfield and how to unlock them.

What Is Faction Mission?

Faction missions are exclusive mission that is related to various group in the galaxy.

The mission contributes to the player’s relationship with the Faction, grants unique rewards, and progresses the storylines of the groups.

Furthermore, faction missions are optional, while some may be mandatory to advance a plot.

However, others are not required to be completed to finish the primary campaign of Starfield.

Additionally, each faction mission must be completed sequentially.

For the first mission, players must always obtain the task by visiting the Faction’s main base of operation.

This means you must first complete a previous factional mission before being able to unlock the next.

However, the Delivering Devils and Deep Cover are separate missions, so you can start any mission first.

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What Is Deep Cover?

Deep Cover is the first mission for the Crimson Fleet Faction in Starfield.

Players can unlock this mission in different ways: completing the first primary mission, arriving in New Atlantis, or progressing with the UC Vanguard faction.

On the other hand, you can commit a crime and get arrested in UC Vanguard territory.

Later, taking to Commander Kibwe Ikande unlocks Deep Cover.

Commander Kibwe Ikande
Players have to decide to help Ikanc or go to jail.

The main objective of this quest is to find a way to get noticed by the Crimson Fleet’s operatives.

Here are the main objectives of Deep Cover;

  1. Speak to Commander Ikande in the Operations Center
  2. Speak to Lieutenant Toft
  3. Proceed to Cydonia
  4. Speak to Saoirse Bowden at the Trade Authority
  5. Speak to Adler Kemp at the Broken Spear
  6. Recover Karl Fieldling’s Debt
  7. Return to Adler Kemp

What Is Delivering Devils?

Delivering Devils is the Third United Colonies Faction Mission in New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri System.

It is the mandatory quest to get through the UC Vanguard faction quest.

This quest can be unlocked from Hadrian in New Atlantis.

Upon unlocking the quest, you deliver the Terrormorph sample to Percival at Cydonia Central Hub.

However, finding Percival isn’t easy, and you must pay Percival’s debts first.

Here are the steps to find Percival ;

  1. Players can do this by hacking a terminal at the Trade Authority or clearing the Deep Mines.
  2. This option is available after you meet Lou at the Sixth Circle bar in Cydonia and inform you about the debt.
  3. Then you will have three options: Should You Pay Off Percival’s Debt, Wipe His Debt, or Clear the Mines?
  4. You can choose either, but I recommend you choose to clear the mines to earn more credits and learn the formula of the Pick-Me-Up Drug.
  5. For this option, players must kill all the spacers in the Deep Mines to get data on the potential drug.
  6. This mine consists of tons of spacer as well as great loots.
  7. Once you are at the Abandoned Mines,  take out the GroupSpaces and follow the path leading you to true Deep Mines.
  8. This is a place where you will find the Space Leader and PerPercivalding.
  9. Now you have Percival’s location, so finish Lou’s task here, return to Percival, and give him the sample.
Delivering Devils and Deep Cover
Dr.Percival can be found in the old Red Devil’s HQ,  the abandoned mines.

Bring him back to Cydonia and have a last conversation with Hadrian to finish the Delivering Devil’s quest in Starfield.

This quest sounds simple. However, it will take you at least one hour to complete it.

Should You Do Deep Cover Or Delivering Devils?

You can do both missions.

However, you can do Deep Cover first, which takes less time and takes place as Delivering Devils, so players can efficiently finish two quests.

Both quests don’t have any grad rewards for completion, but you will get some experience points and credits.

Completing Delivering Devils Rewards with 250 XP and 9300 Credits. It has a pathway from which you can gain a lot more credits.

In Delivering Devils, you will get a Pick-Me-Up drug, which gives you a +50 carrying capacity for 15 minutes.

While Completing Deep Cover Rewards, you have 250 XP and 4800 Credits.

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The Bottom Line 

Delivering Devils or Deep Cover is two separate quests, so players can do both and earn excellent rewards.

Delivering Devils takes a lot of time to complete compared to Deep Cover.

Deep Cover is significantly the very first Crimson Fleet quest so completing it can help to learn more about them.

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