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How To Complete Lion Level In Fortnite Zoo Escape?

Zoo Escape is a simulator in Fortnite that can be installed from the website or by using a code.

In this simulator, you will get 30 fun and unique levels having animated animal items and puzzles to solve.

Lion is a puzzle in the Zoo Escape which can be received at level 11/30 in which you have to pass a tunnel and arrive at the Elephant area to complete it using map code 5660-9076-1193.

Continue reading more about ways to complete lion in Zoo Escape.

What Is A Lion In Zoo Escape?

Lion is a level in Zoo Escape including a puzzle for players to pass the are from one location to another.

In this level, you must figure out how to pass the Lion cage and escape from it.

Lion In Zoo Escape
This is the location known as the Lion in the Zoo Escape.

This simulator is built for kids and educational purposes, so it is simple for grown dude to complete.

This level comes after the tiger level and make sure to figure out an escape from the tiger before going to the lion.

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Where To Find Lion In Zoo Escape?

The lion can be found beside the Tiger’s cage passing 2 doors away from the cage.

Lion are tiger close enough as from the main path left door leads to the tiger, and the right leads to the lion.

Button In Tree Like Structure
The button is hidden beneath the tree-like structure at Tiger’s Cage.

Being an 11th level, you must first complete Tiger, the 10th level, to reach the lion in Zoo Escape.

So, make sure to complete it by finding a switch beneath a tree-like structure in Tiger’s cage.

However, the nature of animal extraction can differ from players due to the unique map codes.

Ways To Complete Lion In Zoo Escape

Firstly, you need to pass the tiger cage by finding the switch, which is located under the wooden tree.

After that, a tunnel in the Lion cage would open from where you can escape the cage.

The Tunnel itself is a puzzle so make sure to follow the right path to complete the challenge in map code 5660-9076-1193;

1. Find Tunnel

After you open the tunnel’s gate from the tiger’s cage, go to the lion’s cage, and leave from the gate, you’ll see the Tunnel.

Jump into the tunnel and follow the path along the straight way.

Enter The Tunnel
Jump into the tunnel and follow the path to escape.

2. Take Left

After walking in for some time, you will see a turn to the left towards the stone path.

Since all surroundings are made of stones, it is confusing as the all turn seems the same.

3. Take Right

Once you start walking in the left direction, taking the first right will be your destination for the cage escape.

So, take a right and walk straight until you arrive in the Elephant’s cage.

4. Lion Completed

After reaching the Elephant’s area, you have completed the Lion level of Zoo Escape.

Enjoy your rewards and celebrate your achievement of completing the 11th level of the simulator.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite not only presents significant challenges but also provides different adventures for its players.

During the Zoo Escape Adventure in Fortnite, players can spot the lion at level 11 and learn about its puzzles.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to completing the challenge and enjoying the rewards.

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