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Are Gaming Keyboard Better for Typing?

Not many computer users are aware, but the types of keyboard you use will significantly determine your typing speed, precision, and comfort.

Hard-to-press buttons, slow trigger responses, and wrist and finger pain from prolonged uses are common issues with a wrongly chosen keyboard.

Therefore, switching to a more ergonomic keyboard, like a gaming keyboard, may offset these issues and help elevate your typing experience.

Gaming keyboards are designed with comfort and speed in mind, offering a comfortable typing experience even after prolonged use. In addition, the mechanical switches provide a quick and precise input response for speedy typing.

Gaming keyboards will be the best choice if you are concerned about typing accuracy and longevity.

Their mechanical switches and sturdy hardware offers better accuracy and durability.

Let us talk more about the benefits of a gaming keyboard and how it may help your typing.

Are Gaming Keyboards Good for Typing?

A keyboard is not just computer hardware but an essential computer peripheral that interacts with the computer to complete a task.

Hence, choosing the right keyboard becomes vital, especially for a heavy-duty typing task like journalistic reporting.

A keyboard appropriate for typing should have a full set of keys; QWERTY keypad, hot menus, direction keys, and number pad, so you struggle to locate the correct inputs when working.

A full keyboard diagram
A full keyboard is more appropriate for typing (Wikimedia)

The next thing to consider is comfort in use and speed because typing is speedy work that requires both ease and precision.

Working longer hours on a keyboard will likely affect your fingers and wrist, causing joint pain.

Therefore, when buying a keyboard, consider getting one that helps with typing and makes it a comfortable experience, such as a gaming keyboard.

What’s More About Gaming Keyboards?

Working with a mushy feeling keyboard such as a membrane or regular keyboard is more likely to slow you down and commit mistakes.

On the other hand, the gaming keyboard offers mechanical buttons that allow you to feel each keystroke to type more efficiently and make fewer errors.

Most standard keyboards use membrane or dome switches, which use silicone domes that sit under each key.

Although they are quiet to use, you may need to exert heavy press on the key to register a keystroke.

Key Switches
Mechanical Key Switches (Source: Unsplash)

Moreover, most mechanical gaming keyboards employ quick switches that register keystrokes when pressed halfway.

However, it does not mean regular keyboards are bad. It is just that a gaming keyboard is a step ahead when it comes to comfortable use.

The gaming keyboard’s appropriate height and ergonomics also enable the user’s arm movement and position to offset the risk of developing wrist and arm issues.

The programmable feature sets a gaming key apart from a standard one, allowing you to customize each key for different purposes.

Therefore, a gaming keyboard may help you speed up your typing with precision and offer additional features to complete other tasks.

Learn more about offsetting the risk of developing wrist pain by tilting the keyboard.

Benefits of Using a Gaming Keyboard for Typing

A gaming keyboard offers a few tell-tale benefits for typing.

The benefits of a gaming keyboard can be summed up in a few simple points.

1. Comfort is King

Gaming keyboards are undoubtedly the most comfortable because they accommodate long play sessions.

They are designed explicitly with full keypads, well-spaced buttons, and mechanical keys that are easier to use for a prolonged time.

The full-size keyboard helps keep your arms aligned with your body, and mechanical keys exert the slightest pressure on your fingertips when typing.

Hand Exercise
Hand Exercise may help reduce wrist pain.

Good gaming keyboards are mechanical and great to type on, but they may not be favorable for an office environment.

The mechanical keys can be noisy, becoming a nuisance when typing.

If you cannot bear noise when typing, consider using a gaming keyboard with smooth switches that produces zero typing noise.

Otherwise, learn more about different ways to type quietly on mechanical keyboards.

2. Speed and Precision

Speed! Most gamers choose gaming keyboards because the tactile responses offered by most mechanical gaming keyboards are easier to adapt.

You get used to typing on a gaming keyboard. Moreover, it recognizes your command when a key is pressed just halfway, ensuring speed.

The tell-tale advantage of a mechanical keyboard is a slightly lower input lag/latency of roughly 15-25 ms, compared to that of membrane keyboards that, average 30 ms.

Moreover, the mechanical keyboard employed in the gaming keyboard ensures precision.

Precision in typing is ensured by easily comprehensible keys standard in most gaming keypads.

Thus, you are less likely to commit typos and tap interchangeable buttons.

3. Appropriate Feedback

Feedback is a physical response that your keyboard gives when you press a key.

A notable benefit of a gaming keyboard is its excellent feedback in an audible and tactile click.

It assures that your command was received before moving your fingers another way, reducing ambiguity in fresh computer users who often look at the keypad when typing.

Gaming keyboard offers better keystroke feedback
Gaming keyboard offers better keystroke feedback (Source: Pixabay)

Most mechanical keyboards offer an 8x faster response than most keyboards, increasing feedback response.

OmniPoint mechanical switch, a modern automatic switch, is almost five times faster (0.7ms) than most keyboards.

Why Choose a Gaming Keyboard Over a Normal Keyboard?

Both gaming and regular keyboards are good for typing because they are primarily made for typing.

However, a gaming keyboard may offer a few added advantages you may miss out on with a regular keyboard.

Here are a few essential advantages of gaming keyboards over normal ones.

1. Mechanical Switches

Most gaming keyboards employ mechanical keys that are easier to press, reducing the time and effort needed to type anything.

A mechanical board has an automatic switch under the keycap that requires less effort to press because it does not need to slide down far.

On the other hand, a regular keyboard uses a rubber dome that is less reliable than mechanical switches.

Mechanical keyboards may come in three different varieties.

Consider choosing between the most appropriate switches for your task when buying one.

The most straightforward mechanical switch registers the stroke traveling up and down.It is similar to linear but with a bump in the middle that offers a good response when pressing.As the name suggests, it makes a clicking sound produced by the keystrokes.
They are smooth, noiseless, and quick; hence, mostly preferred by gamers.The bump prevents the key from bottoming out, making them relatively quick for typing. Touch typists prefer them.Although loud, it is pretty comfortable for beginners to use.

2. Make Use of Macros

Gaming keyboards have a Macros feature that allows customizing keyboard action to reduce work.

A keyboard macro is a series of actions defined by the user that a keyboard can repeatedly perform without outside assistance.

Although less helpful for typing long sentences, you can customize critical actions for shortcuts like closing or opening a window, launching applications, etc.

While some regular keyboards with high-end features allow macro, most cheaper brands do not contain this function.

3. Greater Modularity

Gaming keyboards are modular, i.e., you can easily swap the worn-out or faulty key with a different key without replacing the entire keyboard.

For a mechanical gaming key, you can easily find the replacement online and get it shipped to you, so you replace it yourself.

This feature is relatively impossible with cheap, regular keyboards, but some high-end standard keyboards may offer this feature.

4. Added Durability

No wonder gaming keyboards are more long-lasting than regular keyboards.

Only a sturdy, well-built keyboard can withstand the competitive intensity a keyboard receives when gaming.

A gaming keyboard and switches are built to withstand these abuses.

Therefore, if you are a compulsive typist who often vents their frustration on the keyboard, you may benefit from having a gaming keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards can last up to 10+ years depending on the frequency of their usage, while regular keyboard with cheaper membranee may last around two years.

Continue reading to learn whether a Computer keyboard can break.

5. Custom W, A, S, and D Keys

Although less standard, a few gaming keyboards offer custom control pads on the side of the keyboard, also known as W, A, S, D, or WASD keys used for gaming.

This set of keys is more helpful for gamers to help move their character on the screen.

WASD and arrow keys
WASD and arrow keys (Source: Pixabay)

Although less useful for typing, you can certainly take advantage of these keys when gaming.

The gaming keyboard may also provide other action buttons besides the WASD key.

Therefore, you must press the Control or Shift + key to open up button settings between the games.

Continue reading to learn about the G-Key functions on keyboards.

6. N-Key Rollover

Key rollover or N-Key is the feature that detects all keystrokes that are pressed simultaneously without worrying about ghosting.

Ghosting is an extra keystroke that gets registered when pressing multiple keys simultaneously.

N-Key is standard in mechanical keyboards; hence, your gaming keyboard will likely have this feature.

A regular keyboard that employs a membrane dome does not enjoy this feature.

Some high-end regular keyboards carry this feature, but it may be slightly pricier than a gaming keyboard with the same quality.

However, consider testing your keyboard if you are unsure if your keyboard has N-Key.

7. Keypress Consistency

Keypress or keystroke refers to the feedback you receive after pressing a key in the form of feeling a bump.

While keypress consistency may tell whether each of your keystrokes is being registered at all times.

Mechanical keyboards for gaming employ individual vital switches and metal springs that offer detailed, more robust feedback whenever you press a key.

On the other hand, the regular keyboard employs rubber domes that rely on resistance to register a key, which may sometimes fail.

Pressing on a mechanical keyboard may also feel more satisfying than a rubber dome keyboard.

8. RGB Back Lighting

One of the most attractive gaming keyboard features is the RGB backlighting that illuminates each key on board.

They are user-friendly and look fantastic so you can see each key in the dark. Moreover, it may be helpful for typists who often prefer working at night.

SteelSeries keyboard with RGB lighting
SteelSeries keyboard with RGB lighting (Source: Amazon)

The illuminated key will make it easier to spot each key, reducing the need to focus your pupils when locating a key.

Moreover, using the software, you can control the RGB lighting by increasing or reducing the brightness or switching the colors.

9. Aesthetics

Gaming keyboards undoubtedly take the lead when it comes to peripheral aesthetics.

While a regular keyboard comes in a few select colors, a gaming keyboard may come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Assorted key colors
Assorted key colors (Source: Unsplash)

You can also customize your gaming keyboard, including keys and fixtures, to match the color of other computer peripherals.

Although some gaming keyboards may be flashy, you can tone it down by replacing the dazzling keys and fixtures with minimalist ones.

10. Proprietary Software

Unlike regular keyboards, high-end gaming keyboards have proprietary software that keeps your peripheral up to date.

The software syncs your keyboard with the internet to keep the firmware updated.

You can also use the software to change the RGB lighting, optimize the keystrokes, and enable or disable specific actions.

Here is an example of customizing a gaming keyboard using the software.

Can Gaming Keyboard Provide a Touch Typing Experience?

Touch typing refers to typing without looking at the keyboard.

Touch typing is when each finger learns each key’s location through practicing regularly and gaining muscle memory.

Therefore, it has more to do with practicing on a keyboard than choosing a keyboard type.

However, mechanical keyboards may offer a slight edge over regular keyboards because they are easier to feel, helping you remember each key.

The proper keys with actual keystrokes help you make fewer mistakes when typing, ensuring you remember each key’s location more quickly.

An answer in Quora points out how easier it is to work on the mechanical keyboard to help your brain register each key when typing.

It would help if you used a mechanical keyboard with clicky switches to encourage touch typing.

Although clicky switches make noise when pressing, you are more likely to remember each key when typing.

Best Gaming Keyboard for Typing in 2024

Some of the best gaming keyboards for office work and gaming are as follows.

Gaming KeyboardFeaturesImage
Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini (Wireless)A wireless mechanical keyboard with yellow mechanical switches offers a quicker and noise-free key press.
It offers 200Hrs battery life with Bluetooth connectivity and USB-C for charging.
SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (Wired)A full-sized layout with adjustable mechanical switches guarantees up to 100 million key presses.

It offers RGB color customization of 16.8 million illumination colors per key.
SteelSeries Apex M750 (Wired)A compact 10-keyless keyboard designed with QX2 linear mechanical gaming switches for speedy and noise-free action.

It also offers real-time Discord in-game lighting notifications and intuitive RGB lighting customization.
Enter Fighter USB Gaming Keyboard (Wired)A mechanical keyboard with 10 million keystroke life, LED control key, and fading-resistant keycaps.

It also offers RGB rainbow Backlighting and 12 multimedia keys.
Cosmic Byte CB-Gk-15 Triton (Wired)Full mechanical keyboard with seven color RGB backlit, eight levels of brightness adjustment, and eight backlight effects.

Assign Macros to the six gaming keys with 26 anti-ghosting keys.
EvoFox Fireblade Keyboard (Wired)10-keyless keyboard with elevated Keys and 19-Key Anti Ghosting.

It also has a lock key,12 multimedia keys, and rainbow Backlighting.
Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical (Wired)A keyboard with floating keycaps, more excellent responsiveness, and three RGB color mode with 19 keys anti-ghost.

It also provides a key-lock function to prevent in-chat pop-ups.
ZEBRONICS Zeb-MAX Chrome (Wired)Mechanical keyboard with 104 tactile switch keys, wrist rest, and pre-programmed 18 RGB LED modes.

It offers four levels of brightness and five LED speed modes with integrated multimedia keys.
Continue reading to find out whether mechanical keyboards are ergonomic and the benefits of hot-swappable keyboard.

The Bottom Line

Although the difference between gaming and regular keyboards may not seem significant, a gaming keyboard gives you customization options.

You can personalize a gaming keyboard from RGB backlighting to customizing key switches to create a more comfortable typing experience.

Ensure to look at quieter switches to enjoy noiseless typing, but avoid linear regulators that are great for gaming but prone to typing mistakes.

You can always revert to this guide if you are confused about choosing the right gaming keyboard for typing.

Read on to discover an ergonomic position for the keyboard and mouse.
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