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Cheese Parting The Veil In Destiny 2: How To Do It?

Players can cheese parting the veil in Destiny 2 by using a beam of light during the fight. 

However, the cheese method is not the most challenging; it is getting to the boss. 

In Destiny 2, Parting the veil can be cheesed by using a beam of light under the map. This allows the players to flawlessly clear the boss and obtain the legendary weapon Epochal Integration.

This article discusses the parting of the veil cheese method in Destiny 2.

What Is Parting The Veil In Destiny 2? 

Parting the veil is a new mission in the Season of the Deep for Destiny 2.

The quest allows players to obtain a powerful legendary weapon. 

The Epochal Integration is a legendary hand cannon. The weapon drops quite commonly from the parting the veil quest.

However, the weapon does have a low amount of magazines. Furthermore, each cannon can drop with a different curated roll. 

This means that every time the player completes the quest to obtain the cannon, the cannon will not have the same curated roll. 

However, the cannon is worth pursuing the quest because of its high-impact damage. This is a particular trait for every cannon. 

But, in the case of Epochal Integration, the high impact damage is a bit higher than other similar hand cannons. 

However, it is not the best weapon due to the low amount of magazines it possesses. 

During the parting the veil quest in Destiny 2, players must go toe-to-toe against a tormenter. 

The tormenter is the end boss when completing the parting the veil quest.

Furthermore, defeating the boss solo seems harder than going up against it with a team of players. 

Parting the veil quest menu Destiny 2
Start parting the veil quest from the quest menu in Destiny 2.

However, defeating it solo is also possible. But, if you are with a team member or at a party with other players, there is a way to cheese the boss fight. 

The cheesing method allows players to easily clear the boss and obtain the legendary weapon for them to use. 

However, before looking into the cheese method, let us look at a method of clearing the quest without cheesing it. 

How To Clear Parting The Veil In Destiny 2? 

You must follow a few steps to clear parting the veil quest in Destiny 2. 

Here are some steps to clear parting the veil.

1. Defeat Cabal 

The first step to clearing parting the veil in Destiny 2 is to defeat Cabal.

You will have first to defeat the Cabal forces for Vex Tracking data. 

However, before you obtain the data, you must head to Zephyr Concourse and Ahimsa Park. Here, you will meet the Cabal forces.

After defeating the forces, you must defeat Cabal and head to Maya’s Retreat

You must fight off a few enemies and obtain the Vex data here.  

2. Obtain Vex data 

The second step is to obtain the Vex data. However, as mentioned, you must head to Maya’s Retreat. 

To get to Maya’s retreat, head towards Ahimsa Park.

If you fast-travel to the park, head towards the rock wall on the right. 

However, if you did not fast travel, head left from Ahimsa Park. 

After you reach the wall, look for an inlet in the stone that will allow you to travel straight until you travel over two bridges. 

Additionally, you will have to defeat various goblin monsters to go to the next step of the quest. 

3. Obtain Additional Vex Data

After you defeat the goblins, you must head to Irkalla Complex and the Esi Terminal

After you reach the complex, go left and head straight to the door at the end of the path. You will see a graffiti mark on the right wall. 

Moreover, you will know you have reached the area after you find the graffiti mark. 

4. Get To The Parting Veil Mission Area

After you reach the graffiti, take a right onto a balcony. 

Then, make your way through the awnings. This will prompt a message of you reaching the Irkalla Complex. 

Move forward until you drop onto a green platform and enter a nearby bar. 

Inside the bar, you will find a huge glowing portal.

This portal will lead you to the last portion of the parting the veil quest. 

Then, enter the portal and defeat various waves of monsters using your weapon. 

At the end of it all, you must battle the tormenter to obtain the Epochal Integration

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How To Cheese Parting The Veil In Destiny 2? 

The cheesing portion of parting the veil in Destiny 2 is much easier than players think.

Here are some of the steps to cheese parting the veil.

1. Be A Part Of Party

Players must be at a party to cheese the parting the veil fight.

Nevertheless, the cheesing method is not possible without a party member.

2. Fight With Tormentor

During the fight with the tormenter. One of the players must stand below the beam of the map.

The tormenter is unable to damage the players within the beam.

This means that the player can have infinite HP. However, only one player can be under the beam, and the other must constantly damage the tormenter.

This cheese method does not work during solo play because the trick requires someone to take aggro constantly.

Additionally, the player under the beam cannot damage the tormenter.

Thus, making solo clear using this cheese method even harder.

Furthermore, the player damaging the tormenter can easily defeat the boss because the aggro is constantly drawn towards the player under the beam.

Thus, the parting veil mission is easily completed without any of the players dying.

However, if you make a mistake during the cheese, the method will not work, and you must try again.

Thus, doing a few practice runs is better before completely going in on the boss monster.

However, many players comment that the cheese method is not mandatory because the boss has a very low HP pool.

Similarly, you can defeat him if you gear your character properly.

But a cheese method is always fun because it takes away a lot of the hassle for players.

3. Obtain The Epochal Integration

After you defeat the tormenter, you will obtain the Epochal Integration and a new strand aspect for your class.

This means the boss fight is much more important than players deem it.

However, the battle to obtain the strand may become a hassle if you are cheesing the fight.

Mainly due to the knockback stomp that the tormenter constantly uses when fighting it.

Furthermore, if you plan to go up against it alone, dodge the initial stomp the tormenter performs when entering the arena.

What Are Parting The Veil Rewards?

Players can expect various rewards from clearing the parting the veil quest.

As mentioned before, players will obtain the legendary hand cannon Epochal Integration.

Obtain Epochal integration in Destiny 2
Epochal integration is the reward for clearing the parting the veil quest in Destiny 2

Furthermore, they will also obtain a class-specific Strand Aspect.

However, it does not end there. Players will be able to access the “Veil Containment” mission on Neomuna as well.

The Bottom Line

Cheesing methods allow players to significantly lower the number of tries they need to make to complete any quest.

Furthermore, the parting the veil cheesing method allows players to gain an infinite HP and deal damage constantly.

However, every cheesing method is not as simple as the one with the tormente. Thus, it is better to understand the pattern of the enemies rather than trying to cheese the enemies.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in cheesing the parting the veil quest in Destiny 2.

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