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Learn About Give Him Back Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, players spend most of their time exploring inside the bunkers and mansions.

However, players may encounter different monsters lurking around those places.

Give Him Back is a short clip, which shows that the one friend of the player is taken by the Bracken while exploring the bunkers.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the Give Him Back in Lethal Company.

Introduction To Give Him Back In Lethal Company

Give Him Back in Lethal Company is a short clip made by TikTok user

Hence, the Give Him Back short clip of the Lethal Company Hero meme went viral over the internet.

You can see the player running after a monster while exploring through the bunkers in this clip.

In the video, you will see that the Bracken, a monster in Lethal Company snaps his friend’s neck and pulls his body away.

Subsequently, you will listen to the player screaming Give Him Back! He’s Mine! after that monster captured his friend.

The clip became the topic of fan artwork in December 2023 on TikTok and Twitter/X.

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Give Him Back: Journey To Popularity

This short clip of Lethal Company Hero is going viral over the internet, being a subject of mockery.

Moreover, the clip by the username is gaining a lot of attention on various social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.

Give Me Back Animation
Animation video of Give Him Back.

This video gained over 367,000 likes and 2 million plays in a week.

Many fans are recreating the video in supermarkets and other places wearing similar costumes.

Even though this meme originated and was posted on TikTok, it led to a new wave of popularity on Twitter and YouTube too.

Moreover, editors and parody artists started to make related videos quite soon after the clip was posted on the internet.

You can find short animated videos inspired by the original clip on different TikTok and YouTube pages.

However, a user named MrCluckzz gained a lot of views on his video i.e. over 300,000 likes in 10 days.

Lethal Company Bracken Monster

Bracken is one of the monsters in Lethal Company, also known as the Flower Man.

This monster has a shadowy figure with high intelligence in the Lethal Company.

Lethal Company Bracken
If you look at a Bracken for too long, it will attack you.

Moreover, countering this monster in Lethal Company is not an easy task unlike most of the enemies.

The Flower Man will come close to you without making any sounds, he is a silent stalker.

Hence, it moves secretively in dark corners of the hallway and will sneak toward the nearest player and attempt to attack them.

If you look directly at it, it will run away for a short time. Staring at it, however, will eventually provoke it to attack.

Players must keep looking all around so that you can spot him before he comes close.

The Bottom Line

People are enjoying a clip i.e. Give Him Back, recently posted on TikTok.

Moreover, people are creating variations of the original meme, so it is gaining a lot of attention, covering mainstream media outlets.

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