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How Long Does It Take For A Sniffer Eggs To Hatch?

Minecraft, the popular Sandbox Game, constantly introduces new mobs to keep players engaged.

Introducing Sniffers in Minecraft has encouraged players to embark on an exciting adventure to contain Sniffer Eggs and witness their hatching.

 It takes approximately 20 minutes for Sniffer Eggs to hatch in Minecraft. However, placing the Eggs in a Moss Block can speed up the process.

One of the recent additions is the Sniffer, an ancient mob that sniffs out seeds for unique decorative plants.

In this article, we will explore how long it takes for a Sniffer to grow up in Minecraft and speed up the hatching process.

How Long Does It Take For A Sniffer Eggs To Hatch?

Sniffers are passive mobs that do not spawn naturally in the game.

Instead, players can hatch them from Sniffer Eggs found through archaeology or by breeding Sniffers with Torchflower seeds.

Sniffer Eggs can be acquired by rushing suspicious sand in warm ocean ruins or breeding two Sniffers together.

Once you have obtained a Sniffer Egg, hatching it is relatively straightforward.

When the Sniffer Egg is placed as a block in Minecraft, it will slowly hatch into a Snifflet.

How Long Does It Take For A Sniffer Eggs To Hatch
Different Sniffer Eggs can be found in Minecraft.

The phrase “Snifflet” is used to describe the developmental stage of the Sniffer.

The hatching time for a Sniffer Egg is approximately 20 minutes in real-time when placed on any type of block.

However, there is a way to speed up the hatching process significantly.

Continue reading to discover how to feed Sniffers and what Suspicious Sand looks like in Minecraft.

Moss Block Acceleration To Speed Up The Process

Placing a Sniffer Egg on a Moss Block can reduce the hatching time by half.

When Sniffer Egg is placed on a Moss Block, it will hatch in only 10 minutes.

This accelerated incubation time makes Moss Blocks a preferred choice for players who want to hatch Sniffer Eggs quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, Moss Blocks can be found naturally in Minecraft, adding to their convenience and accessibility for players.

If you’re lucky to come across Moss Blocks during your adventure, use them when hatching Sniffer Eggs.

Sniffer Behavior While Hatching

While waiting for a Sniffer Egg to hatch, it’s essential to understand the behavior of Sniffers.

Sniffers wander aimlessly, using their noses to sniff the ground for Torchflower seeds or Pitcher Pods.

They require a minimum of 6×6 space to search for items in Minecraft.

And once they find something, there is an eight-minute cooldown before they can perform the task again.

The behavior of Sniffers adds an element of realism to their role as item finders.

They diligently explore Minecraft, relying on o their acute sense of smell to locate valuable resources.

As players, providing them with the necessary space and time to perform their tasks effectively is essential.

The Bottom Line

To summarize, hatching a Sniffer Egg in Minecraft is an exciting process that allows players to obtain these adorable and helpful mobs.

Hence, the Eggs will slowly hatch into Snifflets, taking approximately 20 minutes in real time.

However, placing the Sinffer Egg on a Moss Block can accelerate marching, reducing the time to only 10 minutes.

Therefore, if you want to add a Sniffer to your Minecraft world, find a Sniffer Egg and prepare to witness the hatching of this extraordinary mob.

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