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The Final Boss Battle In Starfall Street

The Starfall Street is a separate storyline and new quest in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to defeat Team Star.

Team Star consists of six members which is led by a final boss whose identity remains hidden until the final part.

Cassiopeia is the final boss in Starfall Street that players must defeat along with five other members of Star Team. The Boss gives a TM169 Draco Meter after completing the Starfall Street quest. 

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Who Is The Final Boss In Starfall Street?

The final boss in Starfall Street is Cassiopeia, whom you must beat in the final part after defeating all 5 Star Team bosses.

Cassiopeia’s true identity is Penny, the helpless girl the players rescue on the steps of Mesagoza at the beginning of the game.

Penny is the founder and leader of Team Star and is responsible for forming a team for Operation Star Street.

The final boss in Starfall Street is Cassiopeia
Penny reveals her identity as Cassiopeia the final boss in Starfall Street.

Cassiopeia gives orders during the quest for players to take down the members of the Star team.

Further, she provides the location of each star team base and assigns the task to defeat them.

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How To Defeat Final Boss In Starfall Street?

After defeating all 5 Star team members, you’ll be called to the Academy by the mysterious person, Cassiopeia.

The final boss, Cassiopeia, is found at the Naranja/Uva Academy after defeating Director Clavell.

Director Clavell claims he is the final boss but later reveals his true identity.

To defeat the final boss, Penny, you must get a varied bunch, such as Ground-type Pokemon and Ground-type attacks.

After Penny sends her Pokemon, you should also send one that is stronger to win the battle.

Fighting with the final boss in Starfall Street
Collection of Pokemon to fight against Penny in Starfall Street.

All the Pokemons that Penny has are Umbreon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Flareon, and Sylveon.

You should carefully choose which Pokemon to send and what power to use against the Pokemon sent by Penny.

Rewards After Defeating Final Boss In Starfall Street

After beating Penny, the Team Star will be finished which completes the operation Starfall.

You can then return to the Dorm Room, and after that, Director Clavell will call you in his office when Team Star members reunite.

Further, you can leave the academy after discussing it with all the members.

Penny then calls you later to meet her at the School Stairs to give you a TM169 Draco Meteor as a reward.

Additionally, she says that she’ll repay her debt by helping you whenever you need her.

With this, the Starfall Street pathway quest comes to an end.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Penny reveals her identity as the final boss and leader of Operation Star Street in the final part.

Players must defeat the big boss along with other team members to complete the Starfall Street quest.

Completing the quest rewards players with TM169 Draco Meteor from Penny.

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