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Why Has Halsin Left The Party In Baldur’s Gate 3? 

Halsin left the party after the recent Baldur’s Gate 3 update. However, the reason behind his departure is still unknown.

But players are speculating about his return in the future.

Halsin leaves the party in the recent update. The reasons are still a mystery, however, it is speculated that he is wandering the world to find more of his people. Furthermore, players are sad because he is a potential partner in the Baldur’s Gate 3 game.

This article discusses Halsin and why he has left the party in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who Is Halsin In Baldur’s Gate 3? 

Halsin is the first druid in Baldur’s Gate 3, a wood elf with the background of an Outlander

Furthermore, he is one of the possible companions in the game. Thus, making sure to meet him is a must for the players.

However, players must first meet him deep within the shattered sanctum.

But, it is not because he is waiting here for you.  It is because he is held captive in the shattered sanctum.

Furthermore, according to the story, you will find that Halsin has been missing since he left with Aradin’s expedition. 

Additionally, to save Halsin, players must head into the Worg Pens in the Shattered Sanctum. Thus, players may find out they cannot save Halsin as soon as they reach the Shattered Sanctum. 

However, you won’t be able to recruit him directly after you save him.

You must complete a few more steps before you can recruit him. 

In addition, ensure to complete the Save the Refugee quest line in Druid’s Grove.

During this quest line, players must defeat the three leaders of the Goblin Camp

However, players cannot play him even after completing this quest, so to have him as a playable character, you must wait until Act 2

After you reach Act 2, you must save Thaniel and Oliver in the shadow-cursed lands.

Once you save them, you can go to Halsin and ask him to join your party permanently. 

Halsin stats with the following skill proficiencies: 

  • Athletics
  • Stealth
  • Nature
  • Animal Handling
  • Perception
  • Survival

Furthermore, Halsin sports a high level of wisdom and a decent amount of dex, thus, players can expect Halsin to be able to cast a variety of skills easily. 

Moreover, players can have a romantic relationship with Halsin but must gain his approval. 

Why Has Halsin Left In Baldur’s Gate 3? 

After the recent update, players notice they get a message saying, “Halsin has left their party.” 

This message is stumping a lot of players, however, the message also says that Halsin is leaving the party to find his own path. 

Thus, the reason for Halsin leaving the party can be to venture out and understand the world himself. 

Furthermore, as Halsin is a druid, it can be that he is off to meet one of his kind or search for his kind in various areas of Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Additionally, since we save Halsin in the story, there is a chance he believes that there are many more Druids like him who are in captivity. 

Thus, we speculate the reason for his departure will be clarified later in the story. 

Furthermore, Halsin leaving the party is a bummer because he is one of the characters we must recruit. 

He is also a part of the Gather Your Allies quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Halsin left the party after update
Halsin leaves the party in the new update.
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How To Bring Halsin Back In Baldur’s Gate 3?

There are no ways to bring Halsin back to Baldur’s Gate 3. Many players are speculating about his returning in later patches. 

However, many players also claim that Halsin is gone for good.

But, chances are he will come back later on in the story. 

Furthermore, unlike other characters such as Shadowheart, Halsin is not a companion we meet early in the game. 

Thus, the attachment to the character does not seem that much for most of the player base. 

However, losing one of your allies without prior notice is still saddening because Halsin leaving is a case that occurred only after the recent patch. 

Again, Halsin is also a potential romantic partner for the players.

Players can have a romantic relationship with Halsin after obtaining his approval. 

Moreover, players can have three romantic relationship tiers with Halsin, each tier even bolder. 

Thus, finding him also holds a good amount of importance for players planning on having a romantic relationship with as many companions as possible in the game. 

However, as of now, Halsin is missing, and players are waiting for the answer to meet him and have him at their party again. 

The Bottom Line

Halsin is a druid that players can have in their party as a companion. Furthermore, players can have a romantic relationship with him. 

However, Halsin has left the party as of the recent patch, thus, players may want to be patient until Larian games come forth and explain the reasons. 

Hopefully, this article can answer why Halsin left the party in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

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