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How To Acquire Cyphered Tablet In Hands Off?

Cyphered Tablet is among the crucial items in Hands Off in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

In the mission, players must complete two sub-events and acquire the Tablet.

To acquire the Cyohered Tablet In the Hands-Off mission, the player must buy at least two Sentry guns from the Tier 2 zone, use the Turret to defeat 20 Zombies and 10 Mercenaries and loot the body or scan the Strongholds.

Continue reading to explore Cyphered Tablet and the process of grabbing it in the Hands-Off mission.

Cyphered Tablet In Hands Off

Hands off is the mission of Act 1 Tier 5 in Modern Warfare III. 

In this quest, players must defeat 20 Zombies and 10 Mercenaries and acquire the Cyphered Tablet.

However, players must defeat the enemies with the Sentry gun, which may be tricky compared to standard weapons.

Players who complete the sub-events and mission will receive a Mayhem On Wheels calling card and 20 XP each for defeating enemies.

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Process To Obtain Cyphered Tablet In Hands Off

To get hands on the Cyphered Tablet In Hands Off Mission, follow the given procedure,

1. Buy Sentry Guns

A sentry gun is the central aspect of the Hands Off mission to defeat enemies.

Players can find the gun in the Buy Station in the Tier 2 zone for just 2000 essence.

MW3 Buy station sentry gun
Buy the Sentry gun from the Buy station in the Medium threat zone.

Players should buy at least two to three guns to progress through the mission.

2. Get An Armored Vehicle

Players must have an armored or cargo truck to get past the enemies with ease.

Further, players must deploy the Turret in the backspace or op of the truck.

MW3 armored truck
Place the Turret on top of the truck.

The Turret will guarantee high accuracy; as a result, players need not invest more essence.

Additionally, enemies cannot quickly jump into the vehicle and destroy the turrets.

3. Defeat Zombies

After grabbing the Sentry Gun, players should make their way to find zombies.

Players can find the Living Dead in areas including Exfil or through the highway in a Tier 1 zone to complete the mission quickly.

Moreover, Players traveling with Sentry via a truck can just roam around the Zombies.

Otherwise, players placing the gun on the ground should just deploy a few hits to finish off 20 Zombies faster.

4. Defeat Mercenaries 

Players should head towards the Mercenary Camp after defeating the Zombies from Sentry Gun.

As the Specialist Mercenaries are more challenging than the Zombies, players must be careful while attacking them.

Players must place the Turret on the ground and get on a cover for a more straightforward approach.

Otherwise, players can carry the Turret drive past the Mercenary in their outpost.

5. Grab Cyphered Tablet

The Cyohered Tablet will probably drop on a Mercenaries body randomly while or after defeating the 10 Mercenaries.

Hence, players must keep an eye on the item and scan every possible corpse of the Army.

cyphered tablet hands off
Pick up the Cyohered Tablet from the enemy’s corpse.

If players cannot find the not Tablet, it will be inside the Mercenary Strongholds.

The Bottom Line

Getting the Cyohered Tablet is the main objective to complete the Hands Off Mission in COD: MW3.

Most of the time, the Tablet will appear randomly, close to the final Mercenary’s body, or else players need to scan the whole outpost.

After completing the mission, players will receive a special card and 1500 experience points.

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